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Published: 06 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I found APLUS Traffic or aplustraffic.com in my search for “guaranteed / paid sign ups” for a business I was in. My goal was to leverage my time and just buy sign-ups. | This company stood out against others I had found because the website had a local contact number (1st red flag) on the front page. I must say that the website was a little old school and shabby, but it was put together well enough to understand and communicate the info. | So I gave them the benefit of doubt thinking “I may found a honey hole” as they were a couple pages deep in the google search results (2nd red flag), if they were so good at what they do ten why were they not on the first page…. But in my optimism I thought “Maybe not may others were using them and I would be able to cash in” | So in my do diligence I called them and had to leave a voice mail…like this was someone’s cell phone or house phone, then I noticed that the number was a magic jack number (3rd red flag)! My intuition and years of experience in the industry was starting to get the best of me. Why would a company with such a seemingly in demand product be using a magic jack number? So at this point I was still willing to at least talk to them if they would call me back. | After a few days of playing phone tag and emails I finally talked to an guy who sounded to be some what of Indian mixed with Iraqi persuasion. His name was Tunde. The other guy who emailed me name was Davis, supposedly the “customer service manager.” | Throughout the conversation, I was reassured that they worked with heavy hitters in the industry, this work was not easy, that’s why most don’t do it or offer this service, and it would work with the business I was promoting…as they had already done the same for others in the same business with success, they were the only company who signs a contract with each customer, stating that they would issue a refund for any paid signups they did not get you with in 30 days…ect…true sales man. | While talking to Tunde, I guess he noticed the hesitation in my voice and the number of questions I was drilling him with, he did try at one point to tell me “if I don’t feel like the service is going to be to standard or comfortable, then maybe I should not do it…it was totally up to me”. I should have listened, but because I understand the phycology of selling, I though he was trying to do the “take the offer away” trick (4th red flag). | Long story short I gave it a day or two, and I must admit something didn’t feel right, but in my anxiousness to see some return from this business, I when ahead and pulled the trigger on 2/12/17. I PAID $330 FOR 10 PAID SIGNUPS, I gave them access to my business back office as requested. Within 30 days I only received one signup! And they made such a big deal about it…oh I got 2-3 email, they call me… to let me know…lol…but I was like sh** where’s the rest of my paid sign ups? | And I don’t even know if that one came from them as I was doing face book marketing at the same time. | It’s has been more than 90 days at this point (5/22/17) and upon each request for my refund, I get a very general response…”Your refund will be processed” or no response at all…and I have yet to receive it. | DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE OR THIS BUSINESS! APLUS TRAFFIC IS A REAL RIPOFF! THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU A REFUND ON THE PAID SIGNUPS YOU PURCHASE FROM THEM. | I would not have taken the time to share my story, if I did believe it would help someone and save someone time, money, and frustration.

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