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Published: 20 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

My husband bought a Berretta from this dealership. In thier five year warrenty is stated that if you take the car to someone other than thier garage, the warrenty would be null and void. That included oil changes also. For four and a half years we didn’t have much problem with the car. Just your ordinary wear items. But it seems funny that the last time we took it for an oil change before the warrenty ran out, we started having problems. (Imagine that). Fluid started draining out of the car, and when we took it in they said we had a cracked block. The car wasn’t even five years old! But they said it was still under warrenty so we didn’t have to pay for it. We took the car to new york that weekend, and half way there we had the same problem. We made it there, and home but we had to put tons of fluids in the car so we could make it. The next day we dropped the car off and they said they would have to keep it overnight. So we left it there and I took my husband to work. The next day they said it wasn’t finished, and that they need another day with it. It was coming on the weekend, so they just told us to pick it up monday morning. Sunday early morning I was driving around and what did I see, but my husbands car on the highway! We were a good 45 minutes from the dealership, and he was going the opposite way! I immediatly called my husband and told him and we went over to the dealership. Someone was there and we demanded to know where our car was. They told us it was in the shop. We couldn’t prove it wasn’t because they wouldn’t let us inside, but monday morning we were there before they opened and our car was just pulling up! They gave us an excuse that they needed to drive it around over the weekend to make sure it was fixed. YEAH RIGHT! They never told us they were going to use it to joy ride around over the weekend with! Also, the car worked fine for another month, but then we had the same problem with it. Turns out they never replaced the block like they said they would. They just did a temp fix. Of course now the warrenty had run out, so this was coming out of our pockets now. So we took it to another dealership and traded it for a new car that weekend. My grandparents also had terrible problems with this dealership. They would say they fixed things, but then the same problems would resurface later. This would go on till your warrenty ran out, and of course YOU had to pay for it to get fixed.

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