Aqua Treatment Services Inc

Aqua Treatment Services Inc

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Published: 20 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Wow! The previous story about this company sounded EXACTLY like mine! Here’s what happened to us… | My then fiance (now husband) and I had just moved into our new home when a salesman going by the name Bill {Seller ID 9424}(wrote William on the agreement paper) was going door to door. He gave the speach about the water and all that and showed us the difference of our water with and without the system. We originally had no intention to buy, but when we felt how soft our skin was (since we’re used to hard water) we were drawn in. As an added bonus, we were supposed to get a free year (maybe it was a couple years, I don’t remember at this point) of household products from their company – dish detergent, laundry detergent, liquid soap, shampoo, etc. That happened once and never again. It was supposed to be something you could request during that period. We only received the first batch of items after we signed up. | Our agreement was to pay a total of $3,999 at a rate of $79.80 per month with a 1.5% interest rate (a total of 18% per year). That was something we were easily able to afford and figured it’d be well worth it. Well, about a month into it we noticed the machine was no longer working. We called Bill, as he instructed us to do if we had any problems or questions, and he said to just add more salt to it. We followed his instructions and that did not work so we called him again. He said he would come out to the house and take a look at it. Well, Bill claims he came by and took a look, but the problem is that I was home the whole day that Bill claims he came by. Nobody was ever here or showed up. We tried contacting Bill again and from that point on he would not return any phone calls and still do this day (4 years into it) has not come by. | We tried calling a variety of numbers (provided on the sheets we signed) trying to get help with this thing and only got the run around – basically nobody would help and we were stuck with the machine and the bill. So my husband and I continued to pay it. Since he had “auto pay” set up we never really paid attention other than the fact that money was being drafted from the account to pay the bill. Well recently my husband changed his bank card to a new one and we had to reset up accounts and such when we noticed the bill… some how it claims we still owe $3,600+ on this system!! | At this point and the amount we paid we should be almost done, if not done, paying off this system going by the rate we signed and agreed to. We only stopped making payments after noticing that because well that’s not what we agreed to. All of our payments have been on time, every time in the amount we signed to pay monthly. Some how our interest rate went from being 1.5% per month to 21% per month (and this was when we were still paying). | Since discovering this we tried to make contact with Castle Credit who basically says we need to deal with the company who sold us the system. When we call the Aqu Pro System number (1-800-930-1042), which was on the paper we signed for the equipment, we get a VERY rude man on the other line who won’t even listen to the situation and calls you a liar and will not transfer you to anyone. We tried calling back a few minutes later hoping to get someone different and he answers the phone saying he’s the manager! I mean out right rude and got no where. | So then we called the other number (717-697-4998) on the paper we signed that has our monthly payment agreement info on and spoke with a nice lady, but said that they USED to partner with Aqua Pro Systems, but no longer do so they couldn’t help us. So we have several forms we signed and agreed to, but apparently that contract isn’t being upheld by the company. I understand that Castle Credit only collects the money. | Ultimately we would like our credit to be cleared, the amount owed to $0 and the system removed. It would be a dream to get a refund on this defective broken piece of junk that we were scammed into buying.

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