Arlington Place Apartments

Arlington Place Apartments

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Published: 17 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I moved in Arlington Place Apartments in 02/15, because it was a great rental price/ all bills paid complex. This is an older property that has been around for a while, and I thought since the owner was on the board of the Apartment Association they would be pretty fair not being so judgmental to any of the horrible reviews online. We moved in everything was fine so we thought at first. I am not a really social person so my main task was to work, and come home to my kids. Shortly after we moved in I notice mold growing on the outside of my AC vents, and started to report to the office staff to come out to check it. I also, would report not being able to do normal task such as take bathes, because the tubs felt like sitting on a bed of sharp gravel. After reporting over and over without anyone coming out to fix the request I decided to write the Apartment Association. The mold issue got to the point that when you walk in the apartment is smelled like mildew. The day after I wrote the Apartment Association Claye Properties manager called me, and a maintenance guy came right out to wipe the visible mold off the walls with bleach wipes. then stated that was not mold it was just water. Everyone in the house just kept getting sick with fever, breathing problems, allergies, itching as if something was biting us, nose bleeds, horrible headaches, and ringing ears. I reported the matter to the Claye property manager again, and she stated that there were no unsafe conditions in the apartment. They never once offer me another unit until further research of the apartment could be done. They then started to retaliate putting late fee notices on my door, stating I owe pet deposits that where already paid at move in. I refused to give them a dime I did not owe them, and the simple fact that I was the victim. I had to miss several days of work with sick kids, emergency rooms visit unable to explain why everyone was sick like this. I decided to hire a Mold Inspector to come, and inspect the apartment, because I knew I was not crazy. This cost 400.00 of unexpected money out of my pocket. What the mold Inspector found was devastating!! There was black mold everywhere in my violation system, and on the walls. The mold Inspector stated that my family and I should move out for safety ASAP. He also stated that all my furniture was contaminated, and would need to be specially cleaned or I can infect someone elseu2019s property. I have pictures of the mold on the apartment review website for your viewing. I went to work the next day and started to email the Claye property manager for a re-letting of my lease due to unsafe living conditions. She replied you just doing this because you owe us money. I received an eviction note that was giving to my daughter. I geared up with all my receipts, and spend my last on a Attorney. I could not let them win, and my family was, and is worth fighting for. I moved out with my mother, and when my attorney and I showed up to court ready to fight the eviction their Attorney went there the day before the court date, and dismissed it. I lost another 1000.00 for an Attorney for a case they went and dropped. I went to apply for another apartment, and they slapped a broken lease on me in which I will fight. I am at a lost for my furniture, lawyers, moving expenses, doctor bills, meds, allergy shots, and sanity. I want the world to know that the owner of Claye Properties does not care about his tenants, and should not be on the board of the Apartment Association!! I will also write the apartment Association to fight for my kids and I. I very stressed out, and depressed. I lost my whole LIFE in Arlington Place Apartments, and the owner is sleeping in his cozy bed at night laughing all the way to the bank!!!! PLEASE HELP IVE BEEN RIP OFF!!

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