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Published: 31 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Where does one begin to explain the worst possible customer experience? Where does on begin to say the customer service and care was like being in a 3rd world country. Where does one begin to say the staff that work in this store need to be walked out the door? | Where does one get treated like ****,abused and spoken to rudely? | Where…? | THE ARMANI EXCHANGE CLOTHING STORE AT VAUGHAN MILLS. | Like being in flea market in Brampton. Rude staff, unhelpful, lots of attitude. | Common sense would dictate if you spend $40+ tax on a T-shirt namely almost $50 if you wore it once washed it once and the stiching came out of it, it shrunk you might think. | Hey take it back its “ARMANI” quality style…right? WRONG. This T-shirt was originally 40% off in other words about $60+!! ?? Can you imagine paying $60 let alone $40 for a T shirt that you would used to wax your car after you washed it ONCE? | That’s the type of GARBAGE they sell at the Armani Exchange. Its a scarberia shoppers delight. The nice thing about this **** T shirt is that the service ran at par. We had the T-shirt for about 2 months and it was not a priority to rush back with it, as we were busy with our new home, either way it would be easier to get a blood transfusion than have anyone help you at this store. We did not want it exhcanged as the quality of this would not rival a chinese knockoff. Than we thought….why everything in the store is 70% off in a mall location and there still making $? After you buy any designer Armani rag in this store and wear it for one day and it falls apart or shrinks from sunlight and it now fits your dog, you can Exchange it the ARMANI EXCHANGE. We even spoke to a manager in the store named Sara who said and we quote “You wore the shirt and washed it so we cannot give you your money back only an exchange this is our policy” Can you call your head office and ask them to make an exception? No she replied. Why we asked. “I don’t have the number YOU can look it up online” So we said, were the customer here, you work for the company why don’t you look it up and talk to them and we will come back in half hour” So she agreed to that. Upon returning to the store not only did she not call, but she hid from us, left the store and had one of her retail retardos sluff us off sticking the piece of paper in our face not offering any help let alone basic courtesy given our frustration. We were truly lost for words so we called head office in New York, the receptionist gave us the 3rd degree asking for everything except shoe size and blood type. Thinking we were going to get hold of someone that would say sorry sir, let me call the store and have them refund your money…” Thats what ANY retail store or chain would do…commone sense right? NOPE. The person answering our call in NY says ” I will send an email down to our associate and have them get back to you in TWO DAYS!!!!!!!?? Really. no joke!! We pushed on Ok tell us who runs the stores for Canada or this mall area? I don’t know you have to ask the store” Are you pissed reading this yet? This ARMANI HERE…Giorgio would roll over in his grave. So we go into the store with head office on the phone and now the overpaid staff are mildly paying attention as they realise who they are starting to deal with. Now all of sudden theres someone else. 1 hour ago, there was no one. So the ASSociate scribbles on a piece of paper who we should call, a business card might be rocket science, but we cannot even read what they wrote, so once again we ask “Can you please print it legigible” The attitude starts and he cannot even remember what he wrote as he has to look in a binder at typed piece of paper which we were amazed he actually knew how to read. “Why don’t I just snap a photo of that typed name save you from writing it” Now the brain surgeon says “Thats classifed information I cannot let you do that” Can you understand the experience yet. Needless to say the number we were given to the person that was suppose to be in charge NEVER called us back. Maybe they were off. | Lastly we had left the T-shirt there, and they never even gave it back to us. We had to go and get it!!!?? STAY CLEAR OF THE ARMANI EXCHANGE you would be treated better at a garage sale. We would have to drop F-Bombs to further explain this horrid experience. We never thought head office could be so ignorant but than again, they must have trained all the staff in this store. Worse than federal government. We will NEVER go back EVER. Stay clear of the Armani Exchange. Third world experience, rude staff, ignorant people. We can afford to lose $40. This will be the first post of 2500 as we are professional online consultants. This review will be uploaded to a posting bot and will be posted for the next 4 months everywhere. All because of some Ignorant people. More importantly we will NEVER BUY ANOTHER ARMANI BRAND. Only if its made its Chinese knockoff. That way we know the quality will be better

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