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Armstrong Toyota

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Published: 20 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

i recently filed bankruptcy and have been receiving numerous flyers/letters in the mail to “GUARANTEED FINANCING”, i’ve been “PREAPPROVED”. the most recent being from armstrong toyota. when i went to armstrong toyota i was treated so poorly and unprofessionally i can’t believe they are in business. i was left to sit for 42 minutes before someone stopped me on the way out. i was then advised by my “sales person” that the finance manager would need to speak to his “partner” to see if they can help me get financed. as i was leaving i noticed the banner in front of the dealership advertising “GUARANTEED APPROVAL LENDER ON-SITE” i called from my cell phone to speak to a manager that could explain to me why i could not get financing. i was advised i would get a call back in 5 minutes. 1 hour later i called back and was advised that “manny” tha finance manager would be returning my call…. i didn’t speak to him until 24 hrs later when i called. he proceeded to tell me that yes they could finace me, if i had $5000. to put down. i was trying to purchase a $7000. car. i told him that he didn’t need to explain my credit problem to me, i was well aware. told him i didn’t want to do business with a company that would be so misleading, and of course i would be able to go ANYWHERE and get financing with $5000. down, and i hung up. he, manny, proceded to call me back and leave a message on my cell phone saying that, “….. if i had paid attention to my bills, and paid them like i should have instead of trying to get out of it…… and if i thought that i didn’t want to do business with his company, he could assure me that his company did not want business from someone like me….” and the message went on. i called back to speak to a manager, david rich or the owner bill armstrong and was advised they had left, would i like to leave a message. i left a message for david rich. to this day i have not even received a phone call to explain manny’s behavior. today i received an email from armstrong toyota asking me if i was still interested in purchasing a car from them….. i was angry. nothing had been done, or said. i responded to the email with the following. while you may not be able to do anything, maybe someone will come along and this will just be a little fuel for your fire?? i just feel degraded, disrespected, and felt to be less than a person. their company specifically states “special financing for everyone” i guess i’m not everyone. thank you for your time. my reponse to armstrong toyota follows: MY RESPONSE TO THE STUPID EMAIL I RECEIVED ASKING IF I STILL WANTED TO BUY A CAR unfortunately, after the HORRIBLE experience that i had with manny…. i don’t think that i would ever want to buy, or recommend anyone i know to buy a car from your dealership. manny proceeded to tell me in a voicemail that, “…..if i had paid attention to my bills and paid them like i was supposed to, maybe i wouldn’t be having this trouble. and if i thought that i didn’t want to buy a car from his dealership, he could assure me that his company did not want to do business with someone like me……” i have saved the voice mail and forwarded it to have a transcript printed. i am going to forward to the better business bureau, along with bill armstrong and to toyota headquarters. it is my understanding that toyota is a little particular about how business is done, and i imagine that they will not be all that impressed with manny’s job performance. not only was i insulted, i was degraded, disrespected, and made to feel like i was some low life piece of garbage that walked in off the street. i try to explain the negative reports on my credit and am looked at like i just need an excuse. my situation is probably not that different from many other battered woman who had to fight their way (literally) out of an abusive relationship…. only to find that not only had their ex-husbands ruined their self esteem, but their credit, and any chance that they made have had to make a better life for themselves. once i found myself free of that, i continue to be belittled and disrespected by yet another man who feels that he is superior to me. while none of this is your business, and i don’t expect you to care, i REFUSE to do business with any company that would not only condone their employees to call someone’s cell phone and leave such a nasty hateful message, but the general manager didn’t even take the time to call me back and say that he was sorry for manny’s behavior, after i had left a voicemail for him explaining what happened. he could have atleast made an attempt to make it seem like he regreted the situation happened. while you may, or may not have read this to the end…. i want to go one record to say that given the chance, i am going to have a new car, and i am going to make something more and better for my life than any other man may want to let me. you can choice to pass this along to bill armstrong and/or david rich… which i doubt. but i know that word of mouth is your best advertising. concidering that i come in contact with many many people everyday, and work for a very reputable company that employs salaries that range from $25,000 a year to $150,000 a year. if you think that i won’t let everyone i know not to buy a car from armstrong toyota YOU sir are mistaken. i could be nasty and petty and belittle manny and his obvious insecurities, but i won’t. i lived with a man for too long that felt the only way to feel good about himself, was to hurt me, be that physically, mentally, or emotionally. i have nothing to compensate for… it’s obvious that manny does. i thank you for your time, and again i’m sorry that something couldn’t have been worked out. (and just so you don’t think that i am a complete idiot that just learned how to type… yes i know capitalization was not used. I LIKE IT THAT WAY) ~ JEN MIAMI, Florida Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Toyota Dealers and Products

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