Arrowhead Harley-Davidson - fka Glendale Harley Davidson LLC

Arrowhead Harley-Davidson - fka Glendale Harley Davidson LLC

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Published: 12 September 2020

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ARROWHEAD HARLEY-DAVIDSON 16130 N. Arrowhead Fountain Center Drive Peoria, AZ United States 85382 (623)247-5542 11-17-1999 I purchased a new harley FLSTF (fatboy) and I was sold a preferred maintenance program and a 4-year extended warranty with a money back guarantee (by Bret Irvine the finance manager). All total $23,505.94 after my $2450.00 cash down payment. Now I was told the money back guarantee/extended warranty is payable to me after the 4 year extended warranty period if zero claims were made on my warranty. Since it is due to expire on 11-17-2003 I started checking out other extended warranties to buy for further coverage of my harley (I still only have 7300 miles since new) so wanting those quotes to cover my harley after my money back warranty expires. I called the warranty company Harley-Davidson extended service plan 800 number to find out exactly how much I will get back of the $2500.00 given direct to the dealership and how long it takes from the expiration date (so I can purchase the new extended warranty coverage). They said we have your extended warranty registered in our system but we are not the money back department. They gave me another toll free number that goes to a a local Arizona company. I gave them my name, address all info they asked for and they said we do not show you as registered for the money back guarantee extended warranty. I spkoe with a supervisor and she said that I should have been sent a certificate stating money back guarantee once I was registered. Well I was not sent anything. Believe me I have every piece of paper, document, receipt thank you notes (everything that has to do with this harley since buying it on 11-17-1999) because it is my pride and joy even over my corvette. So I tell the supervisor I was never mailed a certificate but I have my original part 1 and part 2 of my extended warranty filled out by the dealership (signed by me) and that I verified it is registered with Harley Davidson. She said the dealership was supposed to give me some warranty paperwork to mail into them for the money back program so I needed to contact them. Now they changed names from Glendale Harley Davidson and moved from Glendale to the above name and address, and I was aware of that because I have been a member of their chapter since day one of my purchase and they have since been the recipient of approx. $4000.00 worth of sales made to me since buying this fatboy as well. All my oil changes and servicing has been done there etc. So I call and leave a couple messages for Bret Irvine the finance manager whom sold me this warranty while closing the deal finally days later I get him on the phone and explain what I had been told. He tells there should have been some registration paperwork I needed to mail in in 30 days after buying the bike to get the money back (non of this was told to me when he sold me the warranty only the fact that you get it all back if no claims are made) I tell him I was not given anything to mail in and he said bring my paperwork down to him. I did… everything ever given or mailed or bought was in a big manilla envelope and he rummaged through it and said I don’t see it, he went through my important documents folder which he gives at time of purchase and puts all contract, warranty, and other important docs in, he said it isn’t here. He said I don’t have any of the extended warranty packet (not even my extended warranty proof card). To my surprise I didn’t even know I was supposed to have been given one. So I ask where is it all? He says he doesn’t know, he says he does not and did not put it inside the important documents envelope (why I never know) but maybe it was left on his desk? Well it was somewhere because I never got it. Of course they moved locations and it was back several years ago now so no telling where it went. I said well you guys were given the money directly and I need to know how I am getting it back when my warranty is up 11-17-2003? He said he remembers making copies of my drivers license and an extra copy to send in the money back guarantee and he is sure he gave it all to me. The whole point of me buying that was with the money back guarantee and then not to tell me or give me the paperwork needed wrong misleading and not honest. They got to keep the $1000.00. Bret then said look they stopped the money back program some time ago because they were having to give too many customers their money back. That isn’t my problem. Then he said he will go to bat for me and told me to call the money back company again and tell them that I was given the registration paperwork and I did send it in back then with a copy of my drivers license and it must be their error not showing it as registered. Guess what? I went to my office called them and said exactly what he told me too, and they said too bad nothing we can do. I called Harley Davidson credit who financed the entire purchase for me and explained being ripped by the dealer not giving me any of the extended warranty paperwork regarding the money back guarantee that was promied and they needed to figure out what to do since they gave the dealer the money direct, they said sorry it is between me and the dealer but thay referred my to Harley Davidson Motor Company in Wi. I called them and they said we can take a complaint about the dealer (since they are listed as an authorized dealer for Harley Motor Company) but they cannot get involved to make the dealer or the dealers money back company pay me what is due me for the guarantee. The nice lady did look up my vin and said there really is no question I am registered for 4 year extended warranty on 11-17-1999 through 11-17-2003 in their system, as long as I have paperwork showing I did in fact pay for the warranty and it is a money back guaranty warranty they should pay it back to me when it is due!! I gladly filed a complaint with them (whether it helps or not) and made up my mind to do what it takes to get this resolved. In case others have been lied to in the same manner. So one last stitch effort I called my salesman Buck Rogers (now director of Hog Lines) and explained the situation, he said he would see what possibly can be done. Couple days later he leaves me a voice mail saying he talked to Bret and there is nothing he can do but me being a customer I should get some better results taking this in other avenues. I have filed with the BBB and now I am reporting here and next I will contact the investigations tems for the local tv stations and all others avenues to get what was sold and promised to me. Turns out while reviewing all the paperwork with Bret when we met on 4-29-03 I saw that the $2500.00 was listed as dealer direct on the bill of sale, he said that is for the extended warranty and preferred maintenance program. $1000.00 and $1500.00 respectively. But they were on an old computer system that didn’t break down the money to each item it was for (even though there is a space listed for a specific month mechanical protection program, so I know they got the money directly and they should be the ones to refund it to me since they did not give me my extended warranty packet. Rich Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A. 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