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Published: 29 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My story goes like this: I met James Arthur White (aka – Jimmy , Art , Jimbo ) through my sister because she was dating him at the time. He is probably going by the name Art White or Art James now. when he can con enough money off of somebody , he will pay to have his name legally changed. I was good to him cause after all he was my sisters friend. So I go along to get along. That’s what I did. Individuals like this, you don’t want to meet and this is why. Jimmy lived there for three years and was nothing but a blood sucking leach the whole time. He didn’t so much as help her with any of the bills or anything. He expects someone to keep him up in high style because nothing but the best for old Jimbo. jimmy likes to make people think he is some grand figure or celebrity. He goes places he knows he can’t afford but it’s all for show to try and impress. He talks to people about buying there business or expanding their existing business, knowing all the time it’s nothing more than another lie. He has claimed to be a business planner, financial planner, insurance salesman and CEO of his own business. He likes to tell people of his business selling sponsorships on race cars, called “SPORTS-ONE MARKETING.” Since his son’s are in the truck series, it was easy to believe him. He is always working on a deal to con someone, especially his new girl friends. Jimmy likes flashing his Ritz-Carlton hat and his big gold ring. He took his former girlfriend for $40,000.00 thru some phony fraudulent investment scheme. When she questioned him about her investment he simply said “Well baby ( WE ) lost that money”. (Like it was his money to begin with). I was able to find all this out because he had called her from my phone and she later called me back. I’ve seen the canceled checks. So the proof is there. Jimmy would suggest going out to eat and then says he forgot his credit card as they bring the check. He would order Crown and 7up and really rather have Crown-Reserve, because, “Only the best will do for Jimmy. He likes to flash his gold chain around his neck, that he obtained from his previous girlfriend. He wears a big gold MET-LIFE Insurance ring also. Being the big shot he is. We would go out to eat sometimes and he never had any money because he knew someone else would pay after he had enjoyed a good meal and drinks. Or other times, he would complain to management, that the food wasn’t fresh and refuse to pay. Of course they would take that off the bill and he wouldn’t have to pay. Always thinking how cleaver he was! This is the same man that goes on vacation, buys a bicycle, uses it for two weeks, then takes it back and gets a refund…..saying it just didn’t work out! I know for a fact, that he takes advantage of the high end department stores. When his son was getting married at Lake Norman he bought a shirt that cost $250.00 from Belks, Dillards, Neman Marcus or Nordstrums and wore it to the wedding. Then he had my sister press it, then takes it back saying he changed his mind and gets his money back. Is that a slime ball or what? Really disgusting. He likes to think he is a big poker player! He wants to play poker whenever he can, But that’s easy when he’s playing with somebody else’s money. We were going to start having and running poker games, so I bought the tables, the poker cards and chips and that never came to anything either. More lies and he never split the cost of the tables. Later, Jimmy tells me that he needs to borrow $3000.00 but not to tell my sister. He says he needs it to qualify for a Habitat House and he would give it back when his social security settlement comes in. Of course, now he is gone like a thief in the night. Jimmy is always looking for a deal at someone else’s expense. I loaned him the money in good faith and he has never mentioned paying it back. Jimmy convinces his girlfriends to buy Cruise tickets, telling them he will have the spending money. And when it is to late to cancel the trip , says his funds didn’t come in or his check hasn’t got there yet. So away you go on the Cruise for which the girlfriend has bought the tickets and providing the spending money. He’ll get massages, shaves, and a haircut and put it all on the room ticket she pays for. He does the same thing for trips to Vegas, he thinks he is a high roller, remember! He took advantage of an elderly man named Tommy, putting expenses on his room card. When Tom questions him about it, of course Jimmy didn’t know anything about it. Wherever he goes he thinks he should go to the head of the line, not wait in line like everybody else. Really thinks he deserves this kind of treatment. When I got ready to buy a little sports car (a Nissan 350Z) Jimmy knew someone at the Nissan dealership that could get a real good deal, so I bought it. Later I decided to trade it in and get an Altima, of course Jimmy still knew the guy at the Nissan Dealership so I traded there again. Over the period of three years I bought two and my sister bought three new vehicles at the same dealership and dealt with the same people. Sometime later my sister found a receipt for the commissions for the vehicles at 500 dollars each. He not only lived off of her for three years but made money off of me, my sister, my nephew, and a previous girlfriend when he helped her trade cars too. All of which has never been reported to the IRS, I hope they are listening. You will see this con artist strolling thru South Park MALL in Charlotte, NC to visit the Apple Store, Belks, Dillards, Neman Marcus or Nordstrums. He will be surveying the crowd, to see who he can take advantage of next. Jimmy is always working a scam, to deliver money to his back pocket. He thinks he is above everybody else. Smarter than your average jerk. Basically, if you see him and his lips are moving, he’s lying! After he has scammed several people in the area, he will move. He will be gone like a thief in the night. That’s what he thinks of your friendship. He was driving a dark blue Mitsubishi but has now traded for a burgundy or red Nissan Versa ( XPL-5867 NC ). Pretty good for a thief with no money. Jimmy has moved from his previous address at Carriage House Apartments 6306-F Old Pineville Rd Charlotte , NC 28217 704-525-3109 Section 8 Housing. And is probably looking for something with a garage, so he can hide in plain sight. He likes being close to the light rail, so he can travel to downtown Charlotte. He is on food stamps and also SSI because he doesn’t work ( he con’s ). He is probably receiving his retirement from MET-LIFE Insurance company by now. Roomer has it, that he has moved to a New Address at Madison Glen Apartments – Senior Outlook 570 Sterthaus Dr Ormond Beach, Florida 32174-5127 probably section 8 housing in florida Jimmy lives off the taxes payers of Charlotte, NC, and now Florida. Florida must have a better retirement for con-artist. so beware a really slick con artist is in your area. Actually it would be hard for him to find work, since he is a convicted felon. He was convicted of grand larceny and Insurance Fraud in 1996 AND 2001 from Henrico County Va and Richmond, Va. jimmy served time in prison for his convictions. That’s right, for taking money that didn’t belong to him! His sons, his mother and father or none of his family have anything to do with him. He lost his home, his mother and daddy’s home, and everything he had because of his greed. I’ve tried to tell you everything I know about this con artist. I refuse to call him a man. He is really a pathetic individual and will someday die a lonely old man. You don’t want to know him, the way I had to learn. So if he trys to impress you with fancy dinners and tall tales, run like h**l!

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