Artisan of Texas - Artisan Decorative Concrete

Artisan of Texas - Artisan Decorative Concrete

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Published: 22 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

We hired him on September 17th to put in concrete floors in our house after the 3rd year in a row of flooding for $8,850. Work started on October 10th. Throughout the work process, my husband or I would ask him about details like “what about this issue right here” or “why does that look like that”. Every time, he would say, it will be fixed and look nicer when it’s done. He text us pictures of the finished work on October 13th and it looked great, but in person, it was a disaster. Dirt, dead bugs, and other particles stuck under the wax coating. The shine wasn’t nearly what he said it would be. Drops of the stain visible in numerous spots. A spot where he “tested” the stain color was in the middle of my bathroom when I told him there would be a pedestal sink NOT a vanity (he said he would fix it but clearly didn’t). He didn’t even bother covering the walls before spraying the stain so my beadboard is sprayed with grey stain. Worse, he didn’t bother moving the water heater OR removing closet doors. So he put the overlay around it. Yes, my water heater pan is now cemented into the floor. The 1″ thick white overlay they did was not properly leveled so furniture wobbles. It also wasn’t sanded down smooth so it’s jagged and you can see the brush strokes of the trowel. We also just recently discovered that he broke our hall bathroom toilet. The bowl is completely cracked and unusable. We had to buy another for $175. We had other work going on in the house and didn’t see these issues until the following week. My husband called him on October 20th and was very unhappy. He said Trey was very condescending and standoffish, which makes sense because he had already been paid IN FULL!!! My husband told him he needs to come fix it. Since we both work during the day, it’s not easy for us to go meet him, but this is the only time he claimed he could come look at the floors to make a “plan” to fix them. My husband asked if he can be there before 10am any morning and he said he couldn’t. We had to work around HIS schedule. He doesn’t even care that my husband said we were going to give him a bad review on Yelp and BBB if he doesn’t fix it. He came by on November 12th and, in between him cursing at his young children, my husband showed him all the issues. His response to everything was “that’s not a big deal, I can fix that.” He was supposed to come by November 15th at 5pm but no one was there when my husband got there. My husband called him and Trey said they should be there by 6. My husband called and text Trey until 8pm, but no one never showed up. Then Trey claimed he thought my husband was another client. So I’m not sure he ever intended to come by. He and my husband text back and forth and my husband told him we’d have to send him to small claims court. His response was “Okay that’s fine my uncle is one of the best civil litigators in houston. You will just end up oweing him money.” My husband and I have all the texts. He then said he can still do touchup, but that is not what is required to fix the floors. It needs to be completely redone. I also found out from his very late response to the BBB yesterday that he apparently recorded his and my husbands last meeting, which we absolutely DID NOT give him permission to do.

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