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A Mistake No One Should Ever Make

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Published: 16 September 2019

Posted by: Drew Bree

It is no longer news that one of the most crucial health challenges that millions have to face across the globe is addiction. While some are addicted to drugs, some others are addicted to alcohol and some others are caged in their own sexual passions. Whatever the source of the addiction, the fact on the ground here is that addiction has a terribly negative effect on everyone in its net, it can ruin lives, families, jobs and make addicts become totally bankrupt. 




 In some extreme cases, addicts can slip into depressive phases and some even end up taking their own lives. For these and other apparent reasons, getting rid of addiction is very important. To achieve this, there are several firms and enterprises that have sprung up at different places all aimed at providing services that can assist in overcoming addiction and the subsequent phase of recovery. It is this same niche that Ascend Recovery claims to have impressive records and here is my story with this gang of crooks called Ascend Recovery. I am telling my tale in detail so that it can be of benefit to someone out there. Even if it is just one person who takes time out to read this and changes his or her life for the better by not patronizing the nonsensical outfit called Ascend Recovery, then my goal would have been achieved. 


The Machine of Deceit

When it comes to referring to masters of deceit, then Ascend Recovery is the prime example and illustration of everything that can be referred to as grand deceit. If you visit their website right now, you will be tempted to think it is a serious outfit manned by experienced professionals but nothing can be farther from the truth. Right on their website, they claim that they have been focused on ensuring lifetime sobriety as far back as 2008. They claim that they help their customers bounce back so they can live their lives to the fullest. 


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Ascend Recovery markets itself as the place to go to whenever anyone wants the most tranquil place to get rid of addiction and get freedom step by step. It did not stop there with its useless claims, it also states that you can be sure of recovering in an environment that is full of friendly, well-behaved and highly-experienced professionals who will stop at nothing to give you the very best of customized care. They make all sorts of claims so that you can be convinced to just patronize them. But not long after you make that mistake of patronizing them, you quickly realize that they are not what they claim to be, and that discovery can be very painful indeed. 

 Ascend Recovery will tell you that they can handle different kinds of addictions, they will tell you they can sort drug and alcohol addictions by making use of a blend of the finest scientific and diagnostics. You will be told that no matter how serious your addiction is, they can surely handle it. They claim that as long as gaining sobriety over time is concerned, that once you reach Ascend Recovery, all your problems will be solved. 

 The gang of crooks named Ascend Recovery said they can handle all forms of drug addictions and they mentioned specifically that these include prescription drugs, heroin, methamphetamine, synthetic drugs, and designer drugs. But, they did not even stop there with their immense claims, they also stated that they can clear all the effects of addiction to marijuana and alcohol. 

 In order to convince gullible and innocent people, Ascend Recovery said that it developed a special program that will provide customized care for every customer. They also stated that the therapy provided has outlined objectives that will assist the client in having an addiction-free life forever. 

 Among their numerous lies, they claimed that their facility and center work using sophisticated center claiming that they can identify and treat addiction as a medical pathology at the same time. In order to spice up their machine of deceit, they said they also arranged the treatment for any existing or prior medical condition that could have led to the addiction in the first place. You are told that you will have various kinds of treatment packages to ensure that you get excellent care. Of course, all this sounds reasonable to anyone, that was their initial goal, to lure people, the unfortunate thing is that it is all a fantastic lie. 

 Talking of the so-called program, they stated that they have different programs that can assist you to make progress by the time you are done with it. They lied and lied, they said they were different that they have designed a program that will assist the addicts to become sober in no time and embark on a new phase of recovery and never have to worry about the problems of addiction again. They said they understand exactly what it meant to have to cope with the pains and horrors of addiction. 

  The program is marketed in a way that is as attractive as possible. It is supposed to have a residential level that they call Lake House (see image) and it is marketed as a clinical program with a lot of benefits. In this stage, addicts are expected to have customized and joint therapy sessions with professionals. It is also expected to have weekly sessions coordinated by consultant psychiatrists and the goals here are to fix the fundamental mental health issues and other psychological problems that could have triggered the addiction or that could have contributed to it. 




During this program, the addicts are supposed to take part in various treatment sessions aimed at maximizing their healthcare services, they are even supposed to enjoy art sessions and horse riding sessions as a form of therapy. All these are supposed to sound really good and of course, are supposed to be beneficial and therapeutic. The only difference is that Ascend Recovery uses the promotion only to attract people and does not offer anything of such in real life. 

 Still, on the program, clients are supposed to be given lessons on the gains of diet, exercise and physical fitness and are even supposed to form recovery groups within the facilities provided by Ascend Recovery (see image below). As I stated earlier, do not count on all these lies because that is just what they are – empty lies, everything about them is phony and their only goal is just how to get all the money from your pockets. Clients are offered all sorts of mouthwatering deals, from a well-organized setting to customized treatment sessions thrice per week, consultation sessions with professional consultants every week and all sorts of experiential therapy sessions such as the riding of horses which many will clearly find very attractive. You are even supposed to have recreational activities, joint activities and what they call the 12-step treatment plan. 




Most Horrible Experience Ever

 Now I will settle down and focus on the most painful part. It was one of the most challenging periods of my life as I was battling seriously with addiction to painkillers and all kinds of opioids. This severely affected my life and productivity, I was not performing well at work, got queried by management all the time, my relationship was taking a nosedive, my finances were in tatters and it was more than clear that I needed urgent and excellent rehab services or I was just going to end up either wasted or just dead. 

  It was at that point I decided to check Ascend Recovery at their base in Utah. After the initial visit, they told me that once I sign up for their one-month rehab package, all was going to be fine with me and my life. I must give it to Ascend Recovery that they clearly have some of the most convincing sales agents out there, you would have finished wasting thousands of dollars before knowing what really hit you. After I made payment for the subscription, I was introduced to other addicts and we had what was called a joint therapy session. I did not know that I just signed up for what would later end up becoming one of the worst periods of all my life. 

  Just as the so-called joint therapy session was going on, I could not stop being shocked at how shabby everything was. You would have thought that paying almost ten thousand dollars for a rehab service was going to come with some world-class package but I was totally disappointed. At that stage, I felt that maybe I was being paranoid and that maybe I should just give myself some time to settle down first and probably just get used to the place but I was clearly wrong. But one part of me was saying I should just calm down and approach the handlers and ask for clarifications. 

 Therefore, when the so-called joint therapy session, I calmly approached the handlers of the session and the Ascend Recovery facility itself. I had jotted down all the queries I had for them, I really needed some kind of reasonable clarifications for all the nonsense that was going on. I met with a few of their officials in charge of such questions and they were able to calm me down temporarily by providing more answers and reassurances that it will get better as the program continued. But the most worrying thing that happened was that they left my most important questions unanswered and from that moment on, there was not going to be any love lost between myself and the handlers of the facility. 

  By the second day, there was real trouble. They had promised us earlier on before anyone paid for their useless subscriptions that there were going to be timely sessions for all the programs but nothing could be a bolder lie. They were never punctual and the few times they managed to show up, it was total crap. It was just incredible, they did not only have a paucity of professionals, they few they had were nothing but assholes, they had no idea what recovery was all about and I have never seen a cockier set of buffoons before in my entire life. Anytime you complain to them about this nauseating attitude, they either rebuff you like an annoying toddler or they give a lame and totally ridiculous excuse. And the thing is that they never run out of their shameless excuses. 

 I thought the madness was just going to be limited to their lack of punctuality but I was wrong, the worst was yet to come. I was expecting them to be reasonable and very professional with the way they handled their clients who were clearly people who were having issues with all kinds of addictions but it was quite apparent that these guys at Ascend Recovery simply did not care about any one of us. You may not believe what I am about to say next about this horrible place called Ascend Recovery but it is the absolute truth. 

 Those who were hired to assist us to get off the same addictive substances that got us into trouble in the first place allowed the clients to continue using the same drugs and alcohol that they were trying to stay away from. That happened to be one of the most insane things I have experienced before in my life. Even though I was strong enough to ensure I did not return to the same substances that damaged and ravaged my system, I noticed and observed that many of the others admitted into the same facility did not have the same psychological strength to turn down the urge to return to the same destructive habits that landed them in the place for rehab. To make things worse and horrible for such people, those who were supposed to see to their welfare simply did not give a damn, they did not care and it was very clear the only thing they cared about was just the money. They knew as long as people remained addicted, they were going to be making their own money without any stress. 


What You Can Do

 While I was there, I needed to be sure that I was not just paranoid but that I was actually feeling the reality on the ground. In order to ensure that was the case, I took time to relate with as many other ‘inmates’ (because we were more or less in a prison) and interviewed them about their experience in the place. Some had been there much longer than I was and some others came at around the same time as I did while others came after me. Every single one of them expressed one form of regret or the other. It was a tale of sadness, gloom, and depression. 

 Some of them could not even take it anymore and they broke down in tears. There were others who confessed to me that they had started talking to self-harm because of the way we were being treated – just like animals. I tried my very best to ensure that I was always encouraging the others and I am glad it helped even though I know the best thing will be to shut Ascend Recovery down for good so they stop destroying more lives. 

  What you can do is first, spread the message. Let people know, alert others, especially those who are vulnerable, like those broken emotionally and seeking for a rehab they can rely on. We need to let people know that Ascend Recovery is a total waste of time and is most likely going to leave people much worse than they were before and it should be avoided. That is the first thing that you can do to have a positive effect on society relating to Ascend Recovery. 

  Another thing that you can do is to ensure that should that time come when you will be needing rehab services for whatever reason, never jump into one. Take your time carefully to examine all the options on the ground. Go through all the reviews left on all online platforms relating to the rehab agency you have in mind. One of the biggest mistakes I made was that I did not do due diligence on Ascend Recovery before signing up with them. If I have checked out feedback reports and reviews left by their former clients or even if all I did was to ask a few people about their experience, then I would have had a much clearer picture of the massive scam that Ascend Recovery was running and deceiving people that it was a good business. So you do not have to make the same mistakes that I and so many others have made already, be very careful and diligent when it comes to selecting the best rehab, it will go a long way in shaping your future for better or for worse. If you are not sure of which rehab to trust, ask for recommendation from your doctor and he or she will be able to guide you properly. 

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