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Ashley Homestore Ashley Furniture

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Published: 26 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Me and my wife purchased a bed on 12/22/17 from the store in Tukwila, WA. I went to this store at the advice of my Concierge staff @ Infiniti where I service my car. I was given the name of her husband who just happens to be the manager of this store, John H. When I visited the sales man was prompt and he showed us to the beds and the 1st bed he showed us was a Tempur-Pedic, after asking questions and getting the prou2019s/cons, we looked at Beautyrest Silver and decided that this would be the bed best suited for us. We were very cautious about Memory-Foam beds and asked quite a few questions about the comfort, and the care of a Hybrid Mattress vs a Memory Foam Mattress. Our sales man explained to us everything. Except the fact that these beds contain gasses and the gasses inside are not only harmful and displeasing, but for persons like myself with respiratory illness they are hazardous and harmful, very harmful. The 1st Day our delivery was made by the Ashley delivery team (Contracted by HTL), which was not really u201cWhite Glove Serviceu201d (although we paid for just that) I had workmen in /out my home with wet, dirty shoes and this is after we requested that the workmen have u2018bootiesu2019 to wear. Our courtesy call to u2018confirm u2018delivery was supposed to pass that information along, however they were all over my beautiful carpet with wet, dirty shoes. Once the delivers arrived everything was out the box for the headboard and we were told that they could not fit it up our stairs. I kindly asked the gentlemen to disassemble the headboard, and that was met with much discussion amongst the delivery team in Spanish (My wife speaks fluently) and the conversation was not very pleasant, but we just listened as they bad-mouthed us and the delivery. After the bed was setup we noticed that they brought the wrong base we have a King mattress, but they brought us the base(s) for a u2018split kingu2019 another issue they did not bring the $400 mattress topper that was to accompany the mattress. We were told they delivery team would bring the topper back, as they were now u201cout the areau201d and would bring it back later in the day. We called the driver less than 5mins after they left our home, and we went upstairs to inspect the delivery. But, we did not make a fuss u2026. We said ok we will be homeu2026.2pm-nothingu2026u20264pm- we are told they will bring it back later tonightu2026u20266pm no answer! The next morning, we called, and we are told by the same driver, we will need to call the store we purchased from? What, wait did you not tell us that the topper was on your truck, and you would bring it back yesterday. Well, we are speaking about the same person who claimed to be out of the area five minutes from leaving our homeu2026u2026driving a box truck no less. Yesterday, I called the store to report the gasses I am smelling, and the odor is cutting off my breath, I was told that the Manager John H. will not be back until January, but I was told that I was speaking to the u2018customer care contact u2018for the store. I explained to the woman our experience and the issue with the bed, and she told me she would contact me later, I gave her my wifeu2019s number. Later in the day she called my wife to tell us the Mattress topper would be delivered by someone from the contractor company (HTL), no update on the issue with the bedu2026. We did get the topper last night @ 7pm. I called Ashley customer care this morning and spoke to Bethanny, and I explained everything. I was told that she would need to speak to u2018managementu2019 to see if there is anything that can be done? HOLD UP! -I was told in the store I had 30days and if there was any issue I could get a new mattress, now I am being told that you will need to see if anything can be done? This is now an exercise in poor customer service 101. if there is anything you can do for me? Excuse me, but I just went thru hell with the delivery and they forgot something (I paid $200 for White Glove Delivery), and I did not make a fuss, but when I am sitting up all night because I cannot breathe in my room due to the awful gasses the mattress is outputting, now that is not an u2026u2026.u201d Iu2019ll see what can be done momentu201d. It is a sir we can allow you to make a different selection moment. I just spend over 5K and this is the type of customer care you haveu2026…BE ASHAMED ASHLEY FURNITURE!!

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