Ashley Lawson Via Moneybookers- Online

Ashley Lawson Via Moneybookers- Online

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Published: 02 September 2020

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oneyBookers Purchase Protection Payment Instructions Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms * Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the merchandise, sale price and any shipping information. Buyer deposit the money to MoneyBookers using Western Union. * The Buyer submits a payment, selecting Western Union to our MoneyBookers Agent from Aberdeen, Scotland. MoneyBookers Ships Merchandise * Upon payment verification, MoneyBookers web site is authorized to ship merchandise and submit tracking information. MoneyBookers verifies that the Buyer receives the merchandise. Buyer Accepts the Merchandise * The Buyer has the option to accept or reject the merchandise. MoneyBookers Pays the Seller * MoneyBookers pays the Seller. The transaction is complete. MoneyBookers web site, an accredited company, acts as a secure third party to protect the Buyer and Seller. Using Western Union to pay for your purchase may also expedite your transaction. Payments get there quickly, which means you may get your goods fast. Buyer and Seller will receive email confirmations, when the payment is sent. MoneyBookers SafeHarbor takes several steps to protect both the Buyer and Seller against fraud: * All shipments are tracked to ensure the Seller shipped and the Buyer received the merchandise. * If the merchandise is fraudulent, it gives the Buyer the chance to return the merchandise before payment is released to the Seller and get a full refund. Pending Delivery Shipment (Keep this for your records) Transaction #MB01002755 Transaction Date: May 01, 2016 Buyer’s Details: First Name: T Last Name: M Address: 1823 City: State: Zip code: Country: United States of America Seller’s Details: First Name: Ashley Last Name: Lawson Address: 54 Tlonne Street City/State: Dundee City Code: G1 3NR Country: United Kingdom Shipment Information: Service: Handled by: Moneybookers- Online Moneybookers- United Statestt Guaranteed delivery: 3 days after payment confirmationtt Declared Value: Commercial Value: Days for Inspection:tUSD 2,100.00 No Commercial Value 10 days upon the deliverytt Description of Goods:t2001 Volkswagen New Beetle Additional Services:tNonett Status of Inspection: tPending Shipping: USD 0.00 *Note: Shipping expenses are covered by Seller. Shipment Information: Package 1 of 1 Tracking Number: Pending* Package Type: Moneybookers Insuredtt Insured Moneybookers Amount: Insured Moneybookers Deposit: Insured Moneybookers Remaining Balance: USD 2,100.00 USD 2,100.00 (100%) USD 0,000.00 The escrow process for the completion of a transaction (purchase or sale) through Internet can be done in five simple steps: 1. The buyer and the seller agree to the terms and details of the transaction. 2. The buyer sends the safe deposit to Moneybookers verified representative. Payment is verified and deposited into a trust account. 3. Moneybookers ships the merchandise to the buyer, knowing that the buyer’s payment is secured. 4. The buyer accepts the merchandise after having the opportunity to inspect it. 5. Moneybookers pays the seller after all conditions of the transaction are met. How to make the payment: Our department require the payment to be done through Western Union money transfer service to our Verified Agent : 1) Our department require the payment to be done through Western Union money transfer service. You have to pay with cash at any Western Union Office. 2) Fill out a Western Union green “To send money” form using our representative’s details listed below for the receiver. MoneyBookers Verified Agent Details: Name: Brittney Hampton Street: 766-768 Plono Street City: Aberdeen Country: United Kingdom 3) Fax the Western Union receipt at the following fax # : +1 (484) 313-8996 Or e-mail us – by replying to this e-mail – the following details from the payment receipt: – MTCN – 10 digits number from the receipt – Sender’s Name and Address – Receiver’s Name (MoneyBookers Agent) – Amount Sent Please do not make any marks on the transfer copy. The following information must be readable Once the payment is done and the verification is complete, we will proceed with the shipping of the package. We will inform the Seller that the payment was sent and that the package was shipped as soon as we get the payment confirmation. Just follow the instructions above. 4 – Step Trust Process for Moneybookers 1. Buyer send payments to us. The Buyer submits the required deposit selecting Western Union service to Moneybookers verified representative in charge. Moneybookers verifies the payment. The Seller does not get paid until the buyer accepts the merchandise or the inspection period expires. 2.Delivery is started. The company will ship the merchandise, you will receive the Bill of Sale and Bill of Lading, Title along with the merchandise. 3. The Inspections of the merchandise. The Buyer has a set number of days (10 days) to inspect the merchandise, to accept it, reject it or claim non-delivery. In case that the merchendise is not as described by the seller, the buyer will get a full refund. Funds will not be released to the Seller until the buyer has received and approved the items he is purchasing. This eliminates the concern for non-shipment of goods. 4. Seller is paid transaction ends. The payment is released to the seller. The transaction is complete. Please respond to this email with information regarding your case, complaints or payment details. Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department) Moneybookers. Terry Li, AlabamaU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on ebay

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