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Published: 30 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Teri Davidson owner of Associate Realty is right up their with a used car salesman. She will lie, withhold info, anything to make the sale. When she does not get her way as in the case, she throws a fit. Instead of going to court or arbitration with the BBB Teri goes off half cocked slandering your bussiness, your name, or your reputation to get her way. Be very wary when dealing with her in Real Estate. She has built a bussiness on deciet, and fattening her wallet to own homes, and horses. She got mad at me over a bussiness deal, and then slandered my name as much as she could. She tried to destroy my bussiness over a $2,500.00 puppy that she bought from me. She claims to be broke, and asked for breeding rights, without paying any extra for them, as she explained she just could not afford the cost. Later I find out she runs her own real estate bussiness, owns horses, and believe me a horse costs tons of $$$$. She is not the first horse person to whine about how she can’t even afford the cost of the pup. Turns out she was scamming me to get full rights without paying for them.Then when something was wrong with the puppy, she made my life a living hell over the holidays. There is no way of pleasing her, and she WILL try her damdest to slander you. Do not sign contracts with her, a signed contract means nothing to her. She does what she wants. She is ruthless, and that is how she runs her bussiness. Look what she tried to do to me. 20 years I have been breeding dogs. I have an incredible clientle following on Facebook, repeat customers, incredible customer service, and an A+ rating with the BBB that I have maintained for many, many years. Well she got mad because her dog will need medication, and she claimed she is too “broke” to afford it. Seriously? I looked her up, and found her to be a con. thriving bussiness, horses, homes, she is not broke. Her sob story fooled me once, but not twice. She wants me to return her money, not give the dog back, and pay her vet bills. Our contract is posted on our website. She has no regard for it. I did offer her another puppy. Since she did not get her way she went to and slandered me. She acts like a spoiled, entitled, brat. Is this what you want to represent you in a home purchase? I would not trust her. Buyer beware. Go to and watch her in action. She rants and raves, and she will continue, which shows how unproffesional she truely is. She even Threatened to fly to SC to go to the newspapers. As she has plenty of money to fly around the country hurting anyone that pisses her off. I don’t care. I just stated the facts, and that really upset her so she went off again, on Ripoff. Well Teri, what goes around, comes around. Here is a copy of her threatning email. On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 12:11 PM, wrote: I’ll tell you what I am going to do. I will be in touch with your local newspaper with pictures and story of my emancipated dog bred by Bouchard’s Best , newspapers love local interest stories.I will be reporting you to the American Kennel Club and the consumer protection people and I will be suing you personally for my grief, and costs of having this dog live a normal life. My dog has a hereditary disease. Its well worth the $190.00 flight to your area. You have no regard for your dogs and none at all for the people you are currently selling these litters of puppies to. You are trying to put me off so you can sell your remaining puppies. No one nurses eight week old are a dishonest person If there is one more person out there who bought or buys a dog from you with this issue I will find them. Sent from my BlackBerry My vet said “this woman would argue with Jesus”. I think her email speaks for itself, and this is only one of many, many, many, as she hassled me all through the holidays wanting tests run etc… I am sorry I ever met this woman. .

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