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Published: 05 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Well, where do I start. My name is Nash, I met Khatib 9 months ago on some club business. He was explaining to me how he can fix my credit and get me a CPN with tradelines and how it will only take 30 – 45 days. Well he told me he will do it for $1500 and I thought about it for a month before I choose to move forward with Khatib. He promised me and my wife that he will give us a weekly update and also keep a open line. So I moved forward with Khatib Ritter. Keep in mind, I gave Khatib my last $1500 at that time and I have a family. I thought me making this decision will help my family and we all pray and we are God fearing people. I was thinking and plotting after 3 months went by and nothing happened, calls stopped, I started getting short text stating he was always busy with business. But what I didn’t understand was, how is he always busy when I am the business, the client, the consumer. So I looked him up and I hired 2 lawyers and I have 3 other surprises for Mr Khatib Ritter. I am only upset because no one likes to get there hard earned money stolen and plus I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter and doing the process she became very ill. After 4 months passed and nothing happened. I contacted Khatib and explained to him very kindly my concerns. I asked Khatib to refund my $1500 like he stated when we made our agreements and Khatib response was, I lo sorry about your daughter but I’m a business man and I don’t worries about things like that. So at that point I request my funds back, Khatib was 4 months pass due for completion on my file and he stated that he will give half because my cpn cost $750. Lol, I laughed to myself thinking how stupid does he think I am. A CPN number cost $100 – $200 max. So I took actions in my own hands because that crock wanted to talk like he have millions but out here stealing people’s money. So I looked him up today and fund that I was snot the only one. I have text records and recorded called using a app that I have called Total Recall, it records conversation from the time the phone rings till it hangs up. Everything that I am saying is 500% true. I explained to Khatib the actions that I will take if he didn’t return my money that he stolen from. He laughed at me and my family and my I’ll 3 year old daughter. My question to you Khatib Ritters, is it worth all this for $1500 that you want return. Do you have any dignity at all. Are you not a Men of God because if you were, you would of immediately returned my money or at least $1300 of it so I can pay for my daughter hospital bills and medicine. See, God want allow you to get away from this Khatib Ritters. I emailed you a long recorded call with all the promises that You Khatib assured me and my family. Listen to me clearly Khatib, eyes are watching you, the Police is watching you, the IRS is watching you, but the One you should fear is God. All I want is my money back and we can go our separate ways like I been stating to you. It’s not worth what I have stored for you. You have my number, all you have to do is be a man and call me to deposit my hard earn money. But you rather be cooky, and you choose to be a thief. God has judged you Khatib Ritter. I want stop until all of your illegal businesses are shut down for Good. I see people are speaking out against you lol. Dam dude… Also I read you fake comments of you acting like someone else responding to your bull s*** and it You. Look Khatib Ritter Records up. He wrap sheet is long. Impersonating Officers, child abuse I saw, Trafficing. Is this the type of person that you want to trust with Your money. No!!!!!!!… Stay far away from that liar Khatib Ritter. At the end of the day, God knws my heart. I just want MY Money Khatib, just for once, put yourself in my shoes and do the right thing, cause if you dont, you will lose more than just $1500. Trust me, and I knw you will read this and comment or use a fake name like it’s someone that works for you to talk good about you. That want help you at all. My daughter is very ill and you have my money for I can get her prescriptions. I WANT STOP.Remember it’s not worth it man, God is a forgiving God. Contact me like a man and give me my money. .

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