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Published: 25 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

After serving over 33 years in the Army, we were ready to purchase our retirement home, and after searching for months, we found the home that we had both dreamed of living out our retirement years. We made an offer based on a termite inspection given to us by the seller’s agent (Freddie Mac). When termites were found by our home inspector and our termite company, Freddie Mac, through it’s agent, Atlanta Intown, agreed to treat as well as repair. Atlanta Intown; however, failed to follow up on the repairs. Each time he was asked, the agent would not reply and we kept checking on repairs. On the day before closing, we checked again to see if the repairs had been made and found they had not, thus, our agent notified Atlanta Intown’s, Adam Parker. Adam sent an email to our agent guaranteeing that the repairs would be made after closing and that they had been or would be paid for by Freddie Mac, thus, we, as well as our agent, felt we were covered to close. After closing, Atlanta Intown sent a repair man to our home, who showed up late every day that he was scheduled, and finished no repair, left a huge mess each time he was here, and only futher damaged our home, knocking a hole in the wall and taking a shoe molding which he did not replace. He actually put wood putty on window frames to attempt to cover up termite damage. He didn’t sand it down or paint it. He just gunked it on. Finally, we asked Atlanta Intown to send someone else after this man knocked a hole in the wall and drove off without telling us he was leaving, and having shown up over five hours late on that day, and yelled at me on the phone that he had not been paid by Atlanta Intown. Atlanta Intown refused to send another contractor and offered us $400.00, saying they were not obligated to us even though at this time, we had probably 100 emails telling us the repairs would be done. This went back and forth for several months with us asking them to come look for themselves, but our invitations were never accepted. Finally, we got in touch with Freddie Mac, who obviously put pressure on the broker, Randal Lautzenheiser. He then sent Adam Parker along with repair firm Property Masters to estimate the damage. They approved an estimate and created a scope of work. We questioned damage inside of walls, and Randal practically begged me by phone to allow them to begin work, assuring me by phone and email that all work, visual and non visual would be repaired. I also spoke to a Freddie Mac representative who gave me the same assurances. Property Masters began work, and worked for only two weekends, two days. Things were taken apart, windows were taken out, sheet rock removed from our garage, and then, all work stopped. Property Masters then advised that they could not do any further work until Randal of Atlanta Intown responded to them and gave them the go ahead, and that they had been unable to reach him for two days. At this time, it has been four weeks since any work has been done to our home. There are two large sheets of plywood where windows used to be, allowing intrusion of bugs, wind, rain, and a lack of security. Windows are not caulked. We cannot use our garage as it was left half finished. Our home is a disaster, and we can get no answers from Atlanta Intown. We believe these promises were made to us to get us to close so that the broker and agent could make their commission and when we followed up and pushed, they believed they could settle with us for $400.00, yet, they had been paid by Freddie Mac (confirmed by Freddie Mac) to get repairs done to our home. It seems they were going to pocket the rest of the money. This has been an ongoing fight since June of 2013, and we see no happy resolution in sight. Today it was confirmed that we have an internal joist completely eaten up by termites, and it was when Property Masters began work on that wall that the work stopped. It’s a shame when realtors will take these measures to sell a home…..and we, as consumers should have some sort of protection from this type of situation. I would not hire an Atlanta Intown agent to sell me a dog house! .

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