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Published: 30 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Atlas concrete and paving is operated and owned by Tim Pendergraft. Tim is a christian man who expresses how fair he wants to be to his customers as well as his employees. Well sometime during the first week of september Tim informed us that during the week of Sept 15th thru 19th that he would be taking a vacation and giving all employees a bonus for that week. (Bonus-a amount of money added to wages on a seasonal basis, especially as a reward for good performance). As employees we thought that was great and very generous of Tim. To our initial understanding we was suppose to recieve bonus with our Fri Sept 12th paycheck. When I contacted Tim while he was on vacation and asked about the bonus thats when Tim informed me that he decided to stretch it out and give us our bonus on the Fri Sept. 19th. Thinking it really wasnt that big of a deal at the time myself and another employee just let the matter go thinking that the fact we even get a bonus was a nice gesture all in itself ….. Friday Sept 19th we get our bonus but I noticed on check stub it doesnt say bonus. Its made out hourly like a normal paycheck appearing that we have worked those hours. I thought maybe I was thinking to much into it Tim is ok guy and I let it go.Monday Sept 22 roles around we didnt work due to weather. Tuesday Sept 23rd we resumed a normal work day. Wednesday Sept 24 we didnt work due to weather. Thurday Sept 25th was a normal work day. Friday Sept 26th was a normal work day. Monday Sept 29th I called Tim 7:03 a.m and told him I wouldnt be in that day, Imhad a emergency situation at home. At 7:10 am Tim text me back in these exact words and I quote “Definately the last bonus anyone gets, Give money and everyone except Chris has called in.” At 7:11 am Tim text me these exact words “Thats my luck lol.” I replied didnt know that, im literally standing in water with two shop vaccs sucking it outso my carpet doesnt get ruined or I would be there. Im thinking to myself whats giving us a bonus check two weeks ago and we get paid weekly have to do whats going on now. We have worked a full work week since getting the bonus, somthat didnt make any sense to me at the time. I just took in stride and let it go. Tuesday I hadnt heard anything from Tim about work when usually he lets us know what time to come in the following day. I should have probably called myself to confirm my theory but I didnt because I just assumed I was fired since I hadnt heard anything. Our checks are due on Friday October 3rd we didnt reicieve until tuesday October 7th. We was informed that they would be late becausemTim had a family emergency and would be out of town. October 7th I get my final paycheck and it says i only worked 6 hrs and 15 min. Im freaking out because I know for a fact that i worked way more than that. I text Tim and take him through the process of all my days and hours worked. He texts me back saying he will call me later after he is done working and explain. Around 3:15 pm Tim calls me and says my paycheck is correct because he took out the (advance-down payment, retainer, deposit to front money). I said advance, just until right now this very second u never used the terminology advance until today. Tim proceeded to say he got a phone call or a tip that after three of us got our bonus we was going to quit. I called him a liar he didnt like that and hung up on me. I text Tim at 3:39 pm and told him on my word he will be hearing from my lawyer,fact. Tim replied at 3:42 pm and I quote”My attorney is the one that had me set it up this way have a good day. Check your previous check it shows the hours you are(advanced) says nothing bonus and as of today you have been paid for more hours than you worked if you decide to take it that direction I will be asking for payment back on the hours you been paid above and beyond what you have worked have a good day. I replied at 3:45 pm Like I said bonus and advance are two seperate deals Imhave the text saying u called it a Bonus. Like Imsaid u will be hearing from my lawyer and if I lose so be it. But this far from over cause this was never said in the beginning until today. Calling the BBB to and reporting it. Thats the last time Tim and I have spoken. Myself and the other two employees involved want nothing more than hours we was shortened on our checks and aTim just proved that christians lie to. .

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