Attention To Detail Cleaning

Attention To Detail Cleaning

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Published: 22 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Was hired by Brenda Gimbel to work for her cleaning service, I ony worked with her for one day December 19, 2016. | She seemed to overwhelmed with Holiday cleaning and posted on a FB garage sale site that she was looking for extra help, I met with her on Saturday December 17th at her home to discuss hourly wage and started with her that Monday. | I met her at 6:30a.m. on one of the coldest days we’ve had this year. After agreeing to meet with her at her home for some reason she had already left and was stuck in an icy driveway about 1/2 mile from her home and asked me to come see if I could help push her out, which I did. Thankfully a few good samaritan neighbors were there to help and we were on our way. | I did 2 restaurant jobs with her, an office building, and 2 private homes in Kalamazoo/Portage area. One of the restaurant jobs we weren’t even there for 15-20 minutes and had left to move on to another undoubably because we had a late start. | Once we traveled back over to Lawton we stopped at her home to pick up her fiance George, who I noticed also filed a report on her here as well. During the course of the morning drive she had touched on their relationship which sounded very unstable and I was surprised that we were picking him up to have him work with us. As soon as he entered the car you could just tell the situation was very toxic, he literally did not say a word to either of us and I was immediately uncomfortable and stuck in a situation I did not want to be in. | Once we finished the next job we went back to her home to drop me off at my vehicle. I simply asked her how she paid…meaning weekly, biweekly, etc. She seemed to get very defensive and did not want to discuss it with him in the car which I found very odd considering he was at her home on Saturday when we had the interview and she seemed fine discussing her business and hourly wage while he was there. An immediate red flag went up for me and I decided not to return the following day. | I let a month go by figuring as a business owner she would do the right thing and pay me for the work I provided for her that day. I finally reached out to her today 1/24/17 via text, not feeling comfortable going to her home. I was told the only way I would be paid for that day was if I filled out paperwork. For some reason she needs the paperwork now, but I was not presented with ANY such paperwork after she hired me, the day I worked with her(before or after that shift). Nor did she make any attempts to reach out to me after that for said paperwork. | I provided her with my address to mail the paperwork to me and was basically told that she calls the shots because it’s her own business and if I did not do what she told me to(coming by her place for the aperwork)that I would not be getting paid, and that she didn’t want to hear anything more from me unless I did as I was instructed. Seems to me as a small business owner that it would be up to her to provide this paperwork to me and that I should have recieved it before I even started the job…not me having to be the one to go to her. I traveled with her that day in her vehicle and did 6 jobs with her, if I would have injured myself on the job with her that day it seems to me for insurance purposes that I would have needed to fill out paperwork before I even began working with her. | So I am out $70.00, I guess I should have done my research first and googled the business. When your own fiance files a report that you use and do not pay employees for their time and service would have been a good thing to know going in. Once bitten…it would be nice to to be compensated, but for me it’s more the principal of what’s right and wrong. I was attempting to try and resolve it amicably but looks like small claims court is my best recourse now.

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