Attorney Craig C Combs

Attorney Craig C Combs

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Published: 20 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Woodcrest Hills HOA association and their property manager Jill morgan “allure total management ” in San diego California stole a disable elderly women’s single family house.!This property was located on (((REDACTED))). The HOA property manager Jill Morgan, hired Attorny Crig C Combs and submitted fraudulent documents to court. The Woodcrest Hills HOA attorney, Crig Combs had offered the elderly womens attorney’s monies in order for bribing them not to defend her in court and show evidence. The victim had asked her attorney Daniel Marshal repitedly the trial must be trial by jury and we must bring witnesses. The victems attorney refused to ask for trial by jury nor did he bring any witnesses at trial. the victim’s attorney Daniel Marshal did not even talk at the time of trial, daniel marshal just sat there and said nothing or did not show anything to the imcompidant judge Judith Hayes. The minutes from the trial will be provided. In the minutes they switched the name of the attorneys the Clark had written the defendant the elder women was not in court where she had three witnesses indicating she was in court. The judges rulling was on the record ” I don’t trust them so there for I rule against them. Judge judith Hayes being incompidant and extrim bias toward the elder due to language barrier and nationality without even looking at any evidence ruled against the elderly women and gave her house to her HOA. Her HOA Attorney had lied to court and the judge Judith Hayes didn’t even care. Attorney combs had given court nothing and had won his case in evictiong an elderly disable women from her house of 12 years Only because of her nationality and age and lack of English language. She had always paid her HOA fees and she had always obeyed the CC&R rules. The Woodcrest Hills HOA’s criminal activities with the help of their Attorney Crige Combs and the bias imcompidant judge, Judith Hayes Had put a 77 years old women on the street. The are documented evidence that this case was fraud and yet no one is helping to get her house back from these criminals because of her age nationality and lack of English language. I need help to address this crim to hire authorities and get her property back. She had spent over $200,000. On attorney’s fees to get her house back from these criminals. They haven’t even foreclose on her I am not sure how the judge just hand over her property to Attorney Craig Combs. The HOA attorney every night would send a big man to the elders house to bang on the door so hard that left markd on the door in order to scare her off her property. The Attorney Craig Combs and the property manager came to her property forced their entry and told her to get out this is our property. What is going on with our contry it was suppose to be protecting the innocence not defending the evil. Attorney crige C Combs must be prosecuted and be put in jail for his criminal activities. The elder womens attornies, Briane C Andrews, Daniel marshal also must have the same faith as the HOA attirney Craig C Combs the HOA property managers and the board members must be criminally prosecuted as well as judge Judith Hays in playing with people’s lives under OAT in defending our justice.

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