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Published: 24 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

All though I have to admit that, which is a front company for Frontier Imports of Texas, has nice prices they are definitely not worth the aggravation they will cause you. In my 39 years I have never experienced such an extreme level of POOR Customer Service, I believe that an IRS audit would be a less frustrating experience. Due to this companies’ irresponsibility and inability to perform even basic follow-up or contact it’s customer, I recommend that you shop with any other product provider regardless of cost! It all started with what appeared to be the lowest price on having a SUNL Moped. This was only the lowest price because shipping to “Nearest Terminal” was included in at no additional charge. The problem is that they failed to contact me to confirm shipment and never identified the terminal. The only reason I even knew my vehicle shipped was when the receiving terminal called me with a next day pickup demand…the problem is that they sent it 3 towns away (2hr one way), instead of delivering to a terminal in my city. Even when I called, getting hung up on 3 times by their unqualified phone users, I could not get anyone to return phone calls. Finally, after 2 days and refusing to be put on hold I had it redirected to my home, at a hidden additional cost…of course. The delivery company told me they would redirect to my location for $40 if Frontier would just contact themof course Frontier would only do this if I paid them an additional $99(always glad to pay to correct what should have never happened if they bothered to take care of customers!!!) Once the vehicle arrived we discovered that Frontier Imports had place a damaged battery kit in storage compartment. It was obvious the damage was not due to shipping, but caused by someone dropping the battery kit and then putting it into the compartment. The result was Sulfuric Acid Solution leaking all over the compartment and other accessories. This solution also got on the skin of me and my children, who assisted with unpacking, forcing emergency actions to prevent permanent injury or damage. When I contacted Frontier, yet another 2 days of NO CALL BACKs, they didn’t even have the courtesy of an apology. Instead they told me, we cant help you unless you fill out the web based service request, so I did. The response was that they will not give me a new battery that I paid for, but will only repair the one they broke if I spend more money sending it to them. With such a ridiculous response I called and left messages for warranty to call me. Which they never did and after waiting 24hrs and being disconnected twice more, I had to call sales to get a human and demanded to speak with Customer Service Manager. I stressed that it is not legal for me to ship leaking acid via mail, which I refuse to pay more for their continued mistakes!!! I stated that I would be more than happy to return the faulty one at their expense. After I threatened to stop payment, she agreed with me and I later received a very curt message, via email, from warranty stating they will send a battery. 7 days later, still not batteryso I spend another 2 days trying to someone to tell me the statuswith no response or call backs. So I left a very angry message that in 1 day I stop payment. With that message I get an unprofessional email, with no contact information, from their warranty department telling once again that they will do nothing if I don’t send it. With this I left a screaming voice mail & email stating my obvious anger due to their FAILING TO DELIVERY A WORKING PRODUCT, NOT CORRECTING THEIR MISTAKES, & NEVER FOLLOWING UP ON ISSUES. Only with yet another stop payment threat did they finally send me a tracking number for what I presume is the battery. Of course they sent it the slowest shipping method possible, because why would they want to help a customer after all. In conclusion, it is my recommendation that none of you ever do business with / Frontier Imports of any other name they decide to use. They are dishonest in action and tell lies (when you can get them to contact you!), and are not worth your trouble. Dcns Conway, South CarolinaU.S.A.

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