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Published: 10 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Here is the full timeline of the what was implemented and what is not. | We started Main project with this company in August 2018. All was going good in start and first 2 milestone of this contract were implemented as needed and we approved as well. | But when it comes to make a dynamic version with 3rd milestone (the most important aspect of the project, without this, there is no purpose), it was never completed. In between development process we needed to add some more features to existing development process and for that we added new milestones in this same contract for new features. | But as per upwork flow we cannot escrow money for next milestone until we pay the current active milestone. | Because of this scenario we were in need to release payment of 3rd milestone as we do not have any other choice even if work is not completed. Whatever work completed we already released payment of that but the original project which was started in August 2018 never completed. | Later on we started to create total new Job post for additional functionalities. So, we can keep original project open. Another problem we faced with upwork is that if we do not release payment after 30 days of due date passed, escrowed money will be refunded back to our cards which we do not want. | On this case we released payment even if work not done as e got words from Jignasa Naik that she will still support us to complete remaining things even if project will be closed or milestone will closed. | We put trust on them and released a milestones with their words at that time as we don’t know they are liars at that time. And now we knew that they are liars but because of our mistakes we were put in troubles. Our biggest mistake is to trust on them. | Because original project was closed already we do not have option in upwrok to raise a dispute in that. And we only have this contract open as we keep it opened until they give us 100% things which we agreed and which was never done. | We put trust on them and released a milestones with their words at that time as we don’t know they are liars at that time. And now we knew that they are liars but because of our mistakes we were put in troubles. Our biggest mistake is to trust on them. | The last minimum 50 days history of our communication has proved a simple confirmation from their team when we had quesitons about progress, “We are working on it” and this message is always for the main functionality with which this company failed to complete. And every time they were requesting more time without any exact dead line. | Every time they face the issue with the functionality they built, they want time to do research in their own work and they are also billing extra money from us. And sometimes we are paying them as well as we want our project to be completed and we did not have any other choice. | And another thing we got them is, they are giving us excuses about their other client’s projects which is totally not acceptable. this company saying about their other projects and about nothing is planned even if we want to put things on production and because of lack of testing on their team, we were every time delayed the things. | If they do not have enough resources to work on project then they are not permitted to get new projects to make frauds with clients. After that we got last update from Jignasa on 30th January about the main functionality that they do not have to fix one issue from the problems list they are facing as it is a feature for client. But that is not the work completed thing as it was an issue for them and it was feature for us. | Other than that they did not tell us anything about when will they complete the full project with 100% functionality. so because August has confirmed that they are unable to complete work, we believe only 50% of the work was completed b y August and therefore 50% of the fees for all projects with August must be refunded. | This is because we take responsibility for selecting a developer that is incapable of the skills we asked for. It was our decision to select August. But… August knowing they were incapable of full functionality should have not taken the project. And Jitesh, who is unaware of entire story should also take responsibility on behalf of his company. This is why Jitesh and August must give us back money. As we stated, August was not involved in the completion of the project. | We hired another developer team to complete and are not at a $10,000USD loss.

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