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Published: 19 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I visited Auto Action Inc on May 12,2011( also known as Drive Now Inc,1909 W Van Buren Phoenix Az,85009,)interested in getting a car. I came back on 5.13.11 to choose the car,a 2004 Pontiac grand am. The sales reps that assisted me were Luis and Fiedel. I was told the issues with the car would be taken care of if i brought the car back that Saturday (5.14.11). The repairs that had to be done to the car: 2 front tires,electric wiring in 3 doors(windows were off track,locks didn’t work) replace windshield,ac (didn’t work), change oil light was on, windshield wipers (didn’t work),mirrors (didn’t work)loud clicking noise with turning signals,brakes were bad. So with all of the issues with this car, the sales reps made it a point to tell me that everything will be taken care of Saturday,so i didn’t mind bringing the car back up to the dealership. The next day (5.14.11) i brought the car down to the dealership, was told to go to the tire shop down the street so the can replace the front 2 tires. While they replace the tires i was told from there I needed to go to angel’s auto glass to have them replace the windshield and to fix the 3 windows and door wiring. Before leaving to the glass shop i was told for the other repairs i had to have an appointment which was set for 5/31/11. I was upset because there issues with the car that I wasn’t sure that could wait for 2 weeks. I was told by the sales rep to check to see if i can get in at an earlier date. I spoke with the manager in the service department, his name was Darren. I advised him of the issue with the car and he informed that the soonest that i could get my car in was 5/31/11 due to the dept already having cars in front of mine. I then went back to the sales dept and was told to come back on Monday to speak with the general manager of customer service,his name is Abraham. Was told that he should be able to have my car moved ahead since i had at least 3 major issues with the car(no ac,change oil light was on,and the brakes) I came back on Monday 5/16/11 but came after the service dept was closed so I was told to call the next and spoke with Darren. Now on this day,(5.17.11) it was raining in the east valley(where i reside and work) When I called and spoke with him I advised him that I’m needing to get my car down there because my windshield wipers weren’t working and it was raining on my side of town. Darren said that I was able to drop my car off so the can repair it. I dropped the car off on 5/18/11 around 3pm,their shop closes at 5:30pm.Before leaving I spoke with Darren to confirm what repairs were needing to be done to the car, He states that he is able to repair what they had on file. I said ok. I made it a point to go over what repairs were needing to be made (everything I have listed on the top) to insure this was going to be taken care of while they had my car. Thursday morning Darren called me around 10am advising me my car was done. I spoke with Darren and he advised me that all the repairs had been done to my car. So on my lunch I had a friend take me to the dealership to pick up the car. I went to the service dept and spoke with Darren,who again confirm all repairs were done to my car. So once i got my car key from the payment center I went to my car,check to see if the repairs were done before leaving the lot. One of my concerns of what should have been repaired wasn’t. I tested my windshield wipers,and they weren’t fix. From then I was upset and spoke with the customer service manager Abraham who apologized about it not being repaired,asked me who told me my car was ready, told him that Darren called me this morning and told me my car was done. Abraham said that they will fix the windshield wipers,so what should have been a quick pick up ended up being a 3 hour wait on my windshield wiper repair.I spoke with the sales manager to find out how to getting into another car,was told my loan is far along in the process of being completed so it wouldn’t be easy getting into another loan.Once the windshield wipers were done, the car tech named Alex told me it the clicking noise continues(from my turning signals) to call and schedule an appointment to have it repaired. This morning as i was on my way to work, my service engine soon(check engine) light comes on. This happen before 9 o’clock so i unable to speak with someone about this issue. So i waited until 9 to call. I called asking to speak with the customer service manager Abraham,I was advised he wasn’t in but i requesting to speak with someone in charge. I was transferred to the vice president Paul. Spoke with Paul to advise him of what was going on with the issues I have been dealing with the service department. Once I was done talking, Paul then went to explain to me how his company has went beyond to provide the services for my car. This upset me because the issues I’ve been having with this car has been from day one (5.13.11) I only have had this car for one week but it’s been back and forth to their dealership 4 times. I let him know that I’m needing to have the car looked at as soon as possible because I don’t know why the service light came on but it wasn’t on when I took the car up there and less than 24 hours later after they repair the car the light comes on. Paul continues saying that one of the repairs (radiator hoses) was replaced. I advised him I couldn’t the hoses and that was probably repaired by the tech because they seen that it may have been needing to be replaced. I the asked about bringing the car back and getting my down payment because I’m returning this car. I was told that i cant get a refund of my down payment but am welcome to bring the car back. I then said ok and ended the conversation. This is the worst experience I’ve had dealing with cars. This car came off the lot with issues and the dealership seemed to want to help before the got my down payment of $500,once they got it, I was treated like i did the damage to the car. All i wanted out of this situation is a safe,running working car. Seems like I ended up buying a lemon. I’m taking this car back today,in hopes of getting back my down payment

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