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Published: 29 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Hi, I bought a car from Auto House in April 2012. It was a $15,000 vechile. The dealership smashed the car before delivery to myself, they agreed to pay for all damages and have a mechanical inspection done before the car was released to me, they called me to tell me the mechanical inspection was done and clean. They than proceeded to tell me that the vechiles body damage would be repaired next week. Next week came along, I called auto house, they told me wait until monday, so i call monday, they ignore my calls all week, I finally get ahold of them, they start screaming and yelling at me, telling me they took my personal information off of the papers for the loan, and they will hurt my family while i am working, (i know, big tuff guys they are threatning to hurt my pregnant wife and 18 month old son) and that they are not fixing my vechile for me. So I call the financer (Hussain Kanji of Evolution Auto, a partner dealer) and ask him why this is going on, he tells me he will solve it all, he ignores me for days, finally he answers to tell me they are not going to fix my vechile because they already recieved payment from td bank. So i than proceed to call td bank (primary loan holder), they tell me the loan amount is for an extra $2000 than what the paperwork i had recieved from hussain. i than call hussain back and he admits that they added extra money and he would like to goto bank to straighten it out. me and hussain meet at a local coffee shop. Little does he know, I have a voice recorder attached to me. I record our whole conversation about how he ripped me off making up fake numbers for the loan, also how he apologized for the dealership ripping me off and he would like to cover all damages, all i have to do is take the day off work and get a couple estimates on the vechile. I take a couple days off, take the vechile into a couple different BBB rated Shops, i get estimates done from them, the estimate for damages is $5250 for paint and mechanical work. they also tell me whoever was supposed to do a mechanical inspection didn’t do it and the vechile shouldn’t have been released. I call hussain back, he ignored me over and over. I finally get a hold of him, he tells me they are not willing to cover any damages and he already has payment for vechile from bank and i can basically screw my self. I than goto a lawyer, now we are pursuing this as a legal matter. Also my lawyer pulled corporate searches on the companies, i found the registered owners, Fiaz Ahmad being one of them, I contacted him, giving him the chance to do the right thing before this hits the courts, he tells me talk to hussain and they wont do nothing for me basically. The names of the Registered owners of this business are as follows. Fiaz Ahmad, 303 saddlecreek point ne, calgary alberta. he owns 33.3% of the business. Another registered Owner is Rahat Chawdhry of 313 Edgeview Place NW also owning 33.3%, anther registered owner is Waqas Ahmad Noor also owning 33.3%. Hussain Kanji of Evolution also added an extra 500 to my loan to cover first payment, was supposed to be a promotion but he kept the 500 he added, also with the 2000 the dealership falsely added. So before you buy a car from Auto House or Evolution Auto. Please think twice. DON’T LET YOURSELF BE AN INNOCENT VICTIM TO AUTO HOUSE OR EVOLUTION AUTO LIKE MY FAMILY HAS BEEN. PLEASE GOTO A REAL DEALERSHIP AND NOT SOME BACK YARD RIP OFFS LIKE THESE GUYS.

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