Auto Insurance Specialists

Auto Insurance Specialists

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Published: 09 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Regarding: AIS / AUTO INSURANCE SPECIALISTS / CERRITOS | 17785 Center Court Drive North, Cerritos, California 90703 | 562-421-5775 | Do Not Use AIS / Auto Insurance Specialists / Cerritos and Do Not Use James Tarvis For The Following Reasons! | | Regarding: James Tarvis, Insurance Agent: 800-319-0524 x75223 & [email& 160;protected] | Do Not Use James Tarvis For The Following Reasons! | Regarding: Insurance Policy CAHP0000537679 | Regarding: Very Serious Complaint Against Mr. James Tarvis! | Mr. James Tarvis has been Harassing Me And Threatening To Cancel My Paid Up In Full For One Full Year 2nd Insurance Policy For Invalid And/Or Illegitimate Reasons! | When I purchased this Insurance Policy for the Temporary Construction, around March-April Of 2017, Mr.James Tarvis NEVER TOLD ME THERE WAS A DEADLINE for Friday, May 5, 2017 to Complete The Construction. | Had Mr. James Tarvis been Honest and Upfront from the Very Beginning And Told Me There Was A Friday, May 5, 2017 Deadline, | (Instead Of Just Trying To Sell Insurance Policies And Make His Commissions), then I would have NEVER PURCHASED THIS POLICY! | This Is What I Call A Very Misleading Way To Sell Your Insurance Policies And I Can See Why You Do Not Have Many Good Reviews On And You Are About To Have Another One From ME! | During A Very Recent Conversation With Mr. James Tarvis: I told him that I had hired a California Licensed Contractor named Dave Watson from Watson Builder to complete this Very Short Project and we are working with Mr. John Jaegers who is a Senior Inspector from the Los Angeles Department Of Building And Safety who is carefully monitoring this project until the Very End and it is Mr. John Jaegers who is Setting The Time Frame Of When The Project Should Be Completed and Nobody Else! | In Reality, this Project will be Completed In Full Sometime In June Of 2017 and Mr. James Tarvis is Refusing To Accept This As A Straight And Honest Answer! | Furthermore, Mr. James Tarvis is acting Very Unprofessional about this and he and his company Were On Their Way To Getting Sued By ME! | For Example, Mr. he is Making False Statements By Stating That One Of The Cars And Motorcycles Is Non Operational And He Is Asking Me To Move Them To Prove That They Are Still Operational. | Well, how would HE Even Know This For A Fact If He Does Not Even Live There? | When we discussed this, he first asked ME to have the two (2) vehicles MOVED from their parking spots, then he Changes His Mind and tells ME that it would be better to have ALL OF THE VEHICLES PARKED in MY PERSONAL AND PRIVATE BACKYARD to BE MOVED! | All of Mr. James Tarvis’s Demands have been Extremely Inappropriate and Very Offensive to say the Very Least! | Once Again, if he was Clear and Upfront about all of this from the Very Beginning, including his deadline of Friday, May 5, 2017, then I would have NEVER PAID FOR THIS FRAUDULENT, FAKE & ILLEGITIMATE INSURANCE POLICY! | Please NOTE: Mr. James Tarvis has Also Scammed ME by stating that if and when My Insurance Policy Gets Cancelled By Friday, May 5, 2017, If My Licensed Contractor Can Not Meet His Demands, Then I Have The | OPTION Of Paying For A Much Higher Insurance Policy Which Could Cost Up To $3,000.00 More! | Is This How Mr. James Tarvis Makes His Money? | I Don’t Think So! | HE AND HIS COMPANY WERE ABOUT TO GET BY ME, HOWEVER, WE SOLVED THE PROBLEM AND YOU WILL FIND OUT HOW IT GOT SOLVED! | I have already Made Demands to Receive A Full Refund if My Insurance Policy Gets Cancelled For Any Reason By Friday, May 5, 2017. | I would have preferred to keep this insurance policy the way that it is, however, Mr. James Tarvis has Made It Impossible To Keep! | I also provided additional contact information such as: | Dave Watson, Licensed Contractor, Watson Builder: | cellular phone: | email: [email& 160;protected] | John Jaegers, Senior Inspector, | Los Angeles Department Of Building And Safety | office: 213-252-3964 | email: [email& 160;protected] | However, Mr. James Tarvis did Not Care About The Facts and Just Cares About Scamming People And Making Huge Commissions As Stated In My Complaint. | After Constantly Complaining to their Corporate Offices, I received a New Contact from Mr. Jim Trok, Director, Customer Services, AIS who Offered Me A 100% Full Refund and has Refused To Accept Any Blame! | Howard Paul Shore

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