Auto Purchase Consulting, Inc

Auto Purchase Consulting, Inc

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Published: 29 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Purchased their auto-buying assistance service in addition to thier loan and trade-in assistance services in June 2010. Paid $307.00 total. On thier website and in the MVBSA Contract i signed with them they specifically state a money-back guarantee. In the contract it specifically states “If you locate the specified vehicle we’ll refund your entire service fee upon proof of purchase”. This was important to me, because I am very Internet Saavy and can always find an item I am looking to purchase at the best price, cars included. I thought I would try thier service because they said they can get better pricing than a consumer because they dont have to pay sales men, closers and finance managers and can get factory options at dealer cost instead of dealer retail price. So I figured I would give them a shot. The first thing that raised my eye brows was when they asked me what I wanted my monthly price to be. I told them that I didnt want to set a monthly price as a guideline – i wanted to go off the purchase price. When car dealers ask what you want your monthly price to be it gives them full advantage to work the numbers any way they want. Anyway, I was looking to purchase a 2018 Toyota Camry SE, Silver and fully loaded and trade in my Audi. They started thier search on June 21 2010. After several weeks of searching they finally found the car I wanted with the options I wanted on a Friday in mid July. They promise home delivery and said that they could have the car delivered on the following Tuesday. On Tuesday, I contacted to see what the progress was on my car delivery. They got back to me and said the dealer couldn’t make it out that day, but they would reschedule another day. Later in the week they asked me if I would drive to the dealer to pick the car up and drop off my trade-in. I told them I would, but only if it was in reasonable driving distance. They wouldn’t tell me the dealer, but told me it is within driving distance. I told them to set up the details with the dealer and that I would drive to get the car. On Friday they told me that the dealer was located just outside of New York City (5 hour drive round trip). I told them that wasn’t going to work. They contacted me the following Tuesday and said the dealer was willing to meet me half way, but it wouldn’t be until the folllowing Tuesday. I asked them to find a car closer to me, but they stated that they had done a full search in my entire region and that only 6 cars matched the car i wanted since its a popular model/color and that this car was the closest. That day I contacted Ardmore Toyota in Ardmore PA – 10 miles from my house. They had the exact car i wanted in the exact same color with all of the options. I went to see it and started negotiating a price. quoted me $529/mo payment on my car and that accounted for the trade-in. After trade-in and purchase of an extended warranty AND gap insurance, my monthly price at Ardmore Toyota came to $525.07. I called and told them that I found the car myself and that i would like to cancel service. They did just that. 2 weeks after the purchase of my car, i noticed i had not received a refund of the $307 dollars I paid them for thier service. On July 23rd 2017 I contacted them and asked for a refund. The associated said she would have to check with the owner – David Breslin – to find out if i could get a refund because:”Regarding the service fee. This is an unique situation. Your request for a refund is not an automatic approval because it does not lineup with any of the contractual reasons we give refunds. I will need to discuss it with the owner.” On 8/5/2017 I contacted them again to find out about the refund and received no response. On 8/23/2017 I contacted them again to find out about the refund and got the following response:”Please know, your first request was denied. Your reasons for requesting a refund do not fall into any of the ways we protect your service fee outlined in the contract entered into” On 8/26/2017 I asked to speak to the owner. I found the car myself (first qualifier for a full refund and I found the car at a lower price (second qualifier for a refund). The associate responded that she would forward this request to the owner On 8/30/2017 I asked to speak to the owner again. The associate responded that she would give him the message. On 9/2/2017 I STILL had not heard from the owner. I contacted them again and finally got a response from the owner about my refund:”effective immediately, NCLP has issued a 50% credit to your checking account for said portion of the service fee previously paid in the amount of $129.00 and is also sending via regular mail a “Letter of Credit” in the amount of the remaining fee paid ($129.00), which can be utilized by you at any time for any future services or available products such as a quality comprehensive Extended Warranty at the Absolute Lowest Price.” They gave me a 50% refund (minus a $50.00 service charge i assume) which was put back into my checking account. The remaining 50%? A SERVICE credit for an extended auto warranty through WHAT!? A service credit? I PURCHASED the extended warranty through Toyota directly – why would I ever need another extended warranty? And secondly, Why would i ever go through your company again? I deserved a full refund. The contract i signed specifically states the requirements to entitle the customer to a full refund and I met TWO of them! Giving me a service credit is dishonest and downright wrong. Is $129 really worth having a dissatisfied customer? I have tried and tried to contact them disputing this “50% refund” but they will no longer respond to my inquiries. Unfortunately I am now left to placing complaints here and with other agencies. Oh yeah – I couldn’t place a dispute with the BBB because they are not a member… they say they are.

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