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Published: 04 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

The Lord God is my witness I am stating the truth as it happened, step by step: I took my car for a brake estimate at Auto Service Depot (5587 Imperial Street, Burnaby). A Mr. Aaron MacDonald took my car and they put it up on the hoist. After 15 minutes or so, the young Mr. Chohan gave me an estimate of $616. I asked him to kindly give me a discount and he said he would call the parts supplier to see if he can do a better price. He came back and said he would do it for $555. I agreed. This was put on paper but they took my estimate to copy it and never gave it back. They lent me their courtesy car. I went to Metrotown and half an hour later, I got a call saying they had taken another look at the vehicle and the calipers needed to be changed for an extra $490. I explained I had financial problems and I was in no position to pay that much money and please do not do any additional work. He called again and said it is dangerous to drive this car. I promised to give him a release that the car would be moved from the shop at my risk, I wanted the next door shop to see it and give me a price. I had changed my calipers one year ago and I suspected this is a scam. I asked him to please NOT do anything to the brake system and he said I should then come back. I did. He called me again and I told him I was on the phone and heading back to his shop. After my call ended I called back and he just said not to worry it had been taken care of. I arrived there and asked how they had solved the issue. Mr. Aaron told me they had replaced the calipers and I would just have to pay as much as I could for them and the rest later. He put the paper in front of me and I was shocked as the price had jumped up from $555 to $1,136! He kept asking me to sign that I agreed. I had to borrow from my girlfriend and I paid them $790. They would not release my car. Under duress I wrote “I had asked you not to touch the calipers but you did. Thank you and I agree to pay $210 more when I can”. Then the young Mr. Chohan came out and tore up that paper. He told me to sign that I agreed to pay $1,136. I said I could not agree. He then had one of his staff drive my car into the shop and hoisted it back up and would not give me my car. He refused to give me my jacket too and I was outside in the cold. Then they went inside their office and CLOSED the office door which I found odd. At my request an Asian staffer brought my jacket and handed it to me. Mr. Chohan scolded him for doing that. I called the police. Mr. Aaron MacDonald – who seemed to be a gentleman – began walking away. I asked him to please wait as the police was coming and I wanted him to tell the truth about what had happened. He said he had finished his hours and was going home. When the police arrived, Mr. Chohan produced a completely different set of papers! My invoice had now increased to $1,161. The $555 estimate was all scratched up and now read $687. I asked him in front of the officer to please give me a copy of the torn up paper which recorded that I had specifically asked them not to touch the calipers. He first agreed when the officer asked him to and later refused. In front of the officer I asked him to preserve that document for court evidence. He then said he was willing to let my car go if I agree to sign his contract saying I owed another $371 (which I was not agreeable to) and pay him another $300. I did not have that money and I refused to sign it. He kept my car and I had to take the sky train to home. Officer E. Faustino who had responded to my call kindly gave me and my gf a ride to the station. When I saw the falsified documents he had prepared for the police, I adjured God to judge Mr. Chohan and I know God will. I had told Mr. Aaron I have financial difficulties and care for three people with disabilities in my household and I have to financially support my brother who has brain tumors. None of this is a lie. Mr. Chohan called me a liar for saying these things. I adjure God to strike down whoever lied in this instance. I adjure God to deal with the liar mercilessly. .

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