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Published: 30 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This company is a scammer. They give an inclusive low price to ship a car, including a $195 deposit, and afer you pay they send you a contract showing the deposit as a “Broker’s Fee” and that you will still have to pay the full amout in cash upon delivery. In my case the quote was $450, inclusive, including all fees, tolls, taxes…and deposit. I paid the “deposit” of $195 and then a few days later I got a contract in the mail, showing I still owed $450 when the car was delivered. When I questioned this and requested a new contract, showing that I would only owe the carrier, $255 ($450 minus my $195 deposit), Mr. Allen canceled my shipment with the lame excuse that they couldn’t pick up my car because it had a flat tire. He promised me a refund but none received. This man is a liar and a fraud. I am going to file a criminal complaint against him. He also threatened me. The principal individual in this scam is Mr. Frank Allen. The company is Internet only and is located somewhere in New York City. They also operate out of unknown location in Long Island, NY. It goes by seveal names. The current primary name is AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY. Other names used include GOLD STAR TRANSPORT COMPANY, and US AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY. Another pricipal in this company is Gina Kelly. She will send you and email, stating that their company can ship the car for a very low price, and even lower if the route is good for them. But, you must call now and pay a $195 “deposit.” Gina’s phone number is 866-900-4877, but this number is an “invalid phone number” if you try to trace it. But, all calls go to Gina’s personal cell phone, which is unknown at this time. It is a T-mobile cell phone in the New York City area. Gina Kelly will solicit you with emails, showing “Gold Star Transport” as the company. Her email address is: (email address removed by admin) When you call Gina Kelly, she will tell you that she will have one of her agents call you for all the information. Shortly afterward, I got a call from a man who identified himself as “Glenn Carter.” I gave him all the info about the car…it’s location, condition, etc. I also gave him my checking account number, so that they could take out the “deposit” of $195 from my checking account. This company uses Capital One Bank and my check was deposited to a Capital One clearing house in Richmond, VA. I have since put a claim on this check, as a fraudulent transaction. Mr. Frank Allen, calls himself “Dispatch.” He, too, has “business” phone numbers…516-277-2534 (Long Island, NY number) and 855-740-3068. These, too, are “invalid phone numbers” when you try to trace them. However, they both take you to Mr. Allen’s personal cell phone, which is 347-924-3032. He tries hard to avoid public contact, saying he doesn’t have any finacial info, or other info about the contract, etc. His email address is: (email address removed by admin) When questioned, he will become very abusive. He will also make up anything that comes to mind to deflect the truith. I have contacted the following agencies to file a complaint against Mr. Allen and his associates: New York State Attorney General (Internet Fraud Bureau), the New York District Attorney (Special Prosecutions Division), the New Mexico State Attorney General (I live in New Mexico), my local Sherrif’s Office, the Albuquerque Police Department, and the New Mexico Department of transportaton, as this fraud deals with Interstate Commerce. I also filed a negative review on If you have any additional information about this company, Mr. Allen, or his associates, or you have been scammed by them, please email me at (email address removed by admin)

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