Auto Zone manager; Greg Jackson

Auto Zone manager; Greg Jackson

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Published: 20 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My boyfriend and I had truck problems and we went to Auto Zone to get Calipers and a Master Cylinder and Brake Shoes. The people over there told us what to do to fix the truck. We did exactly what they told us to do. The truck still had no brakes. We called and told them that one of the Calipers had to be wrong because the line was stretched out way to far. They yelled at us over the phone and said we gave you the right ones, the computer can’t be wrong. They then told us to bleed the brakes again. We said we did and we still have no brakes. They said do it again. We bleed the brakes again and in the end still no brakes. We got so fed-up with it. We were running out of money being spent on brake fluid and gas to go to one place and the next, we took the truck to a shop. The shop called us 4 hours later and said ” you boneheads, you have the wrong Calipers! Having the wrong Calipers on and bleeding the brakes so much, you blew the lines, hoses, and the Portion Valve. This is going to cost you Big Money! We went to Auto Zone and told them what had happened. We were only talking to them in a normal voice and they got all defensive. They said there part are good, nothing could be wrong. We said you talk to our mechanic then he will tell you what happened. The manager Greg Jackson walked up and we told him what happened and he said the same thing. He even told us the mechanic was ripping us off. Finally after an hour of arguing, he said “Fine, bring the bad parts and I’ll refund those.” We were like, what about the truck that’s in the shop? He said “I’ll pay for the parts and hlf the labor.” and then gave us a card with his name on it. We went to the shop and told the manager over there that he would have to give us a bill with the price for the parts and how much in labor costs. It came to $232.?? and we were like, wow, not bad. Auto Zone would have no problem with that. Yeah Right, Big Mistake!!! The manager Greg Jackson had a fit. He said he already paid for the parts. I said the only parts you paid for were the parts we returned to you. He said the shop didn’t by the parts from us so we can’t pay for them. That’s lie number 1. The cost for the parts was only $76.00! Come on, I mean, really! Then we asked him about the labor costs and he had a fit about that. The labor cost was $150.00. We were so angry already, I had to tell my boyfriend to go take a walk. Finally, he called me over after an hour of waiting, and said we get no receipt and handed me an envelope with only $90.00. That’s not enough to get the truck out. What do we do? Jennifer Burbank, IllinoisU.S.A.

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