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Published: 03 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I went to this dealership to inquire about a 04 chevy tahoe z271 they had listed for 12,900. After test driving the truck, I went home, thought about it, called them and made an offer for 10,000. They met me in the middle with 11,699 so I accepted. I went to pick up the vehicle a couple of days later and gave it the once over. I noticed the car stereo was scratched up and did not work. It worked from the steering wheel but not from the dash. I brought it to the attention of the salesperson. He claimed he did not know. So while I sat there with a money order in my hand for the total amount of the car(which was 11,899), the salesperson pulled the truck into their shop to look at the radio. I was afraid something was wrong with the wiring so I told them I did not want the truck. They asked me to “hold on for minute”. After waiting outside of their lot(looking at other cars) for about 15 minutes, a salesman came and told me they are going to replace the radio. He said they had ordered one from this company and it would be at the dealership in about a week. Once the radio got there they would call me to bring the truck to the dealership and install it. They wrote r/r replace and repair on the receipt. I felt that was good enough so I paid the total amount of the truck and I drove off. A week had past then 2 when I decided to call them. I was told by the guy who sold me the truck that he had been on vacation and did not know what was going on with the radio. He wanted me to talk with another person at the dealer. When I spoke with him, he claimed the radio company sent the wrong radio and he cannot seem to find another one like it “IN THE U.S.” They offered to repair the radio by taking it out of the dash and sending it out, which takes about 2 weeks. I told them I paid for a new radio and that’s what I wanted. They agreed and sent me to this audio store the dealership uses and told me to pick one out. When I got to the audio store, the owner told me the dealership called and refuses to pay over $500 for a radio. The owner said that there’s no radio for that amount that would fit in your truck. The radio in my truck has a navigation system, so it would be impossible to find a radio for that amount he says. There is no radio for $500 that would fit into this car! Seeing that the dealership was being cheap, I picked out a radio that didn’t have the nav(which saved the dealer $1200-1500) but came to $1200. The dealership again refused to pay anything over $500. I explained to the dealership that all I wanted was what I paid for. A working radio! I picked out a radio without a nav system even though I paid for a nav system. It did not matter to them, they were still trying to be cheap with a 12,000 truck! They told ME that I was being unreasonable and I should let them repair the radio. I couldn’t believe they refused to honor our contract. What’s a 1,200 radio for a 12,000 truck I thought. So I decided to look up the radio that was in my car. Turns out that the radio retailed for $2600. So I asked myself, why wont they pay more than 500 now if they had ordered me a radio at the time of purchase? Remember? It’s because they never ordered me a radio in the beginning. I had been ripped off. When I asked them this question, all they did was gave me the run around. They want to repair the scratched up radio. The same radio that almost cost them a $11,699 deal. Dealerships will say anything to get your money wont they? After I told them I was taking them to court, they started calling my cell phone continunously. When I didn’t answer, they blocked their number so I would not know it was them calling. One salesman told me he was trying to be nice to me and I should let them repair my radio. And he didn’t say it in a nice way either. These people at this dealership is crazy!! All I wanted was to get what I paid for. To avoid the harrassing phone calls, I changed my number and took them to court. That radio was hard to find but I did find one. I got with a local dealership who took the old radio as a core and got the radio replaced. It cost me $1100. I actually saved the dealership $1400 because I had to sue them for the cost of my radio. Again, this is something the dealership agreed to do at point of sale, but refused to do once they got my money. Some guy showed up claiming to be the service manager of the dealership. This shows you how much they care about this issue. They couldn’t send the store manager, general manager, anyone that deals with sales? The dealer denied my claim and it’s set for trial. All I have to go through just for a radio. I would have thought if they wrote it on the receipt that there would be no problems. But even that’s not good enough anymore. Be careful who you trust. I know I have learned a valuable lesson from this.

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