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Published: 15 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired Appraisal Group of America in Sept. of 07. The customer service was fantastic until my Insurance company prolongued the settlement. When I hired Appraisal Group of America they threw out a large figure of compensation for my vehicle. Immediately I felt a sense of relief and agreed to pay the 500.00 dollars to begin my appraisal. After hiring them, they offered me a vehicle report that was nothing different than printing out a vehicle report you can obtain through any website offering vehicle specs. Included in the report were comparative vehicles not even close to my vehicle and I had to point out items they missed during their evaluation. Their website states they have appraisers standing by in every state however, the appraiser I recieved to work on my claim was based somewhere on the west coast. I live in Indiana. Getting in touch with them is hard because of the time difference. I eventually settled with my Insurance company and had to call Appraisal Group of America to let them know the status of my claim. Monica Fisher who is the President of the company was not available when I tried to contact them about the update. She eventually returned a phone call to my voicemail sounding rushed and in a hurry. She said that she had nothing to do with taxing fees etc. Her phone call was not even in regards to my claim, she didn’t know what I was calling for. Everytime I called Appraisal Group of America noone was available at the time. I wish I had never given them the money because they did nothing for me that I hadn’t already done for myself. Prior to hiring them, I had already done the paperwork including comparative vehicles specific for my vehicle. I had already contacted the Indiana Insurance Commissioner’s office regarding my problem. Appraisal Group did nothing for me but make a few phone calls and offer poor follow ups. The figure they throw out in the beginning are not what you get in the end. Appraisal Group of America said I should expect something near 14,000 dollars for my vehicle however, when my Insurance company offered 9,500 dollars for my vehicle, Monica Fisher suggested I accept the deal because it was fair. 14,000 vs 9, 500 ??? Thats a huge difference of what I would be expecting. Appraisal Group of America LLC. is a company that makes a quick buck for nothing. Its not hard doing what they do and once they have your money they offer you NO MONEY BACK under any circumstance!!! They should put that on the homepage of their website. They should fix their website so consumers are not misled into believing that someone will actually inspect their vehicle in person, offer a guarantee of a higher insurance settlement or money back…because if they don’t get you a higher offer, than your out of an additional 500.00 dollars and they along with the insurance company win. Ricky Hammond, IndianaU.S.A.

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