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Published: 19 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

HERE IS THE SCAM AND HOW David O’Neal and Minchau Pham aka Mike Pham aka (Max Martin is a fake name he has made up to sound more American) MAKES THEIR MONEY.He Contacts the owner(me) usually from Swapalease or Craigslist and tells you he found a qualified user and has this headache-free system. He calls it a “Peace of Mind Payment Guarantee”The user isn’t really qualified, or goes under a false name, and is part of their racket!David Oneal and Minchau (Max) swindles both. As soon as he gets your car hes gone. He takes your car to the user and charges the user $15, 000, $10, 000 whatever as an upfront down payment on the car should they want to purchase at the end of the lease. As soon as they get that money and the car they’re gone!!REMEMBER: The contracts Minchau (Max) provides are false i.e. no good. It gives you all the protection in the world but in the end Auto Management Group delivers on 0%NO payments are made.NO insurance is obtained.NO piece of mind is achieved.I have yet to get my car back and currently my payments are 4 months past due and my car is stolen!!***IF YOU HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY MAX/AUTO MANAGEMENT GROUP***1. You are probably have a listing on Swapalease OR Craigslist. FYI – subleasing a vehicle is illegal almost everywhere. Call Swapalease or Craigslist and tell them someone running an auto subleasing scam is using their site for leads. They should know better.2. He probably told you your vehicle has ‘negative equity’ in these ‘tough market environments.’ Tell him you’d rather take it then any false positives from him.3. He’ll act like your best friend until he gets the car, after that – he’s scammed you. Say goodbye to that fine automobile cause it’s probably being driven across the border to be sold!!4. Disregard the website. It’s a hoax like he is. He’ll say he has a boss, he doesn’t. He’s the head of an illegal enterprise.5. Delete his e-mail and follow point 5 below. (Most Important)***GUIDELINES TO SOME RESOLUTION IF YOU WERE SCAMMED***1. Revoke your limited power of attorney IMMEDIATELY, contact your local PD department immediately!! And file a report with the FBI IC3 division for internet crimes! They have probably have crossed state lines making their offense(s) FEDERAL!2. Demand Max/Minchau/David O’Neal to return your vehicle – otherwise report the car as stolen/embezzled (see point 5 below). It’s absolutely imperative that the vehicle be recovered. If you have Lojack, put that knowledge to use!3. Please be advised that Max “Scam” does not pick up any phone #’s4. File the amount you deserve (up to $5, 000) in your state’s small claims court in addition get on board with the approx. 47 other people and $2.2M in damages outstanding, and identify Minchau Pham/David O’Neal/Auto Management Group/ as the culprit. Any amount in excess of $5-$10K, a civil lawsuit is necessary, and chances are someone is already filed and a class action may be pending.5. GOOD NEWS: There are plenty of the good guys looking for this THIEF (LAPD, FBI, etc to name a few). If you have any information or have been scammed (latter is likely) please call the lead investigator on this case:Sgt. Henry or Officer MacKenzieNewport Beach PDNewport Beach, CAorSanta Clara PD & DMV Auto Crimes Division (as they put Max in jail in 2009!!)Santa Clara, CAContact the FBI, Attorney General’s Office (who is preparing a suit) & Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force. Any information is helpful – especially other people that Mike Pham & David O’Neal may have put in contact with you during this whole process.6. Notify the attorney general. Try the Secret Service ECTF, FTC, BBB, LAPD, your local PD. Feel free to warm call them – they’re job is partly to put away sleazebags like Minchau Pham aka Max.7. Remind him he’s a THIEF and that you will gladly testify at any trial set-up to prosecute him. People like these don’t deserve to steal from other people’s hard work and success.8. Know that you are NOT alone, many others in different states have been victimized! Don’t give up, your help may save someone else the troubles you’re in!!

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