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Published: 01 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

My name is Myra and i first purchased a vehicle from AAf in the begining of 2008 and had it for almost a year ,till i decided to tray it in for a SUV in 2009,so i went to aaf and they gave me a 2002 explorer for my 1999 4dr grand am pontiac.Around closing on the same day that i traded it in before i drove my new SUV home,i noticed that the guage for the gas was on empty so i drove to the gas station to pump gas,got off the explorer and started to pump and not even 5 seconds passed when the gas started to spill out as if the gas tank was full so i stopped and waited for a while and then tryed to pump again and it started to spill again so i stopped went to check the guage again but it was still on empty ,there i assumed that the gauge was probably busted and that the vehicle had a full tank of gas .I drove to my inlaws house and was probably there for an hour.As i was getting into the explorer to go home i turn the ignition and right when i started to drive it off the drive way it turned off on me so i try to start it on again but it wouldn’t so i waited a while and tryed to start it about three more times and it still did not turn on,finally i decided to have my inlaws drive me to go get gas from the gas station,as i came back to where the vehicle was at i started to fill up the tank with the five gallon fuel tank but had to do it a little at a time other wise it would spill out.When i finished i turn the ignition and that time it did start,so i went home and decided that i was going to go to aaf the following day. Next day After work i went to AAF in Van buren where i got the vehicle from and spoke to Matt at AAF about the problem that the vehicle had and that i did not know about it because it wasn’t visual and i also told him that if i would have known about it i wouldn’t have trayed the vehicle,Matt said that he understood and that he would take care of the problem.Matt then told me that he would have to have his machanic look at it to see what the problem was and told me to bring it on thursday because that was the only day that his machanic would be there,so i took it on thursday after work and was there for about 2hours when they finally finished,Matt came to talk to me about what the problem was and said that his machanic did not find anything wrong with it,so i told him that if the problem was still there that i would call or bring it back and matt said to go ahead and try driven it for a while and maybe the problem would go away at that point i was upset cause i drove the vehicle for a week and when i would go to pump gas i had pump very slow otherwise the gas would spill out.So i called Matt after that and told him that the problem was still there and that if he couldn’t fix the problem then i did not want the explorer,he told me to bring it in again on a thursday,but told him that i couldn’t because i didn’t have the time to be waiting there just so that he would tell me the same thing again like the first time that he had it checked,so he made an arrangement to have the explorer picked up from my job on a thursday morning,and that same in the evenig after work my friend from work dropped me off at AAF in Van buren where the explorer was at ,i went inside the office and spoke to Matt but he said that his machanic was still looking for the problem so i waited again ,finally when he was done checking matt came and told me that it had a cigarette bud in the fuel neck, and said that the problem was fixxed ,so i told him that i was going to try pump gas again and that if there was a problem i would call him.That night i went to the gas station to try pumping gas again but it would spill gas,at this point i was very angry so the day i called Matt at AAF and told him about the problem,and again he said to bring it in on a thursday,but i didn’t cause i did not have anytime to do that, and also Matt at AAF never called again to have the vehicle picked up again like he did the first time.I drove the vehicle for a few months after that,and the gas problem was still there. In the middle of march 2016 my husband got layed off his job where he was working for like about a year and getting payed cashed because he is not a resident or citizen of the U.S ,but is waiting for his residence,after my housbad got layed off ,i found out that i couldn’t pay all the bills on my own so i called AAF to tell that i couldn’t keep up with the payments anymore and that i wanted know if they could lower my payments so that i could keep on paying the vehicle and keep it but AAF never gave me an answer. Now i really can’t pay that much money a month and i just finished paying a second ticket for not having insurance on the vehicle cause i can’t afford the payments on the vehicle and the insurance.I used to make a payment every friday but haven’t been paying for the last three fridays,today i returned the 2002 explorer cause i can’t aforrd it anymore,But last year before i trayed in the 1999 grand am 4dr for the explorer i was always paying on time for a whole year and now AAF can’t help me with lowering down the payments and fixing the gas problem,even though i took it in following day.This a big Ripoff !!!!!! Myra Van Buren, ArkansasU.S.A.

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