Automobile Consumer Service Corp ACSC

Automobile Consumer Service Corp ACSC

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Published: 12 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

If you own a Gold Key Warranty. Gold Key Vehicle Service Contract or any automotive warranty sold by Automobile Consumer Service Corp (ACSC) of Huntsville, AL or any of its selling companies, BE AWARE! The staff employeed by this company grossly lack or are completely deficient in their ability to PROPERLY process claims. The “management” (including CEO and Owner) ironically, possess very little technical mechanical knowledge and understanding of automotive mechanics. (I can prove it!) There are absolutely NO qualification requirements to hold a management position or claims adjustor position. As a matter of fact, the management staff and most of the claims department (the ones DENYING your claims) have very little, to NO experience in mechanics at all! Yes, they will tell you they have been “working in the industry” for years, but that hardly qualifies them to justly approve or deny claims! Thats like saying: I worked in a doctors reception office for 15 years, therefore I am qualified to perform surgery. Thats is as absurd as it sounds and no patient would ever allow such nonsense). Likewise, the greater portion of the ACSC staff has worked in “sales” or “service writer” positions, and these are the people who get to determine if your claim is APPROVED or DENIED. Thes are the ones making ignorant choices that have tremendous impact on YOU the paying customer! I have personally worked with this staff for several years and the increasing rate of ignorance, unethical practices, ambiguity, and unprofessional business practices & standards are absolutely out of control and decaying at a catastrophic rate! I have personally heard management directors and senior staff repeatedly say: “we are not here to pay claims, we are here to DENY them!” I was recently terminated from employment after several years of service, for paying a claim that a customer rightfully deserved. I can offer anyone who has been wrongly cheated out of their claims, turned down, and denied, a wealth of information that can assist you in filing grievances and appeals. I can tell you ALL of the things THEY dont tell you. I can prove their unethical practices and behavior. I can tell you EXACTLY how they get out of rightfully paying claims. I can equip you and any agency, attorney, BBB, Press, or any like agency with FACTUAL information that can expose the gross unethical practices this company operates under. Would you like to know what “pre-requisites” are required to obtain a job from ACSC? Would you like to know the qualifications the CEO and Claims Director possess? Would you like to know who is DENYING your claims and “what” qualifies them to do so? Would you like to know how ACSC “gauges” company success? You would be surprised to know that there are no education or technical requirements for ANY employee, especially those making vital decisions on YOUR claims approval or denial. There are simply no standards OR requirements of technical expertise. ACSC’s “EmployeeTraining Program” is absolutely ridiculous and ineffective, you can probably ascertain that simple fact after only 2 minutes on the phone with them! A qualified technician can talk circles around them and have them speechless within 60 seconds! How “big” do yo think ACSC is? They would have you believe they are a “super company”… You just might be SHOCKED at the single location and condition of the actual building they operate from. Im not sure this building would even pass “building code” requirements. There is so much more to share with the public about ACSC and its business practices. I welcome anyone who wants or needs to know more!

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