Autonation and Auto West Dodge

Autonation and Auto West Dodge

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Published: 17 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I bought a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan SE in May of 2001 at Autowest Dodge. I couldn’t believe it I got such a killer deal I mean we never expected to be able to buy this van. Yes there were a few lil things I had to have fixed: the window motor needed to be fixed and the cup holder, but this was only the beginning. It had to have both window motors repaired the seat belt the door sensor due to the fact the door would try to open and set off the door ajar noise and yes cup holders. But then it was back again for this time for the gas petal was broken, back ac/heater vent was stuck closed, back hatch would not always unlock from the door unlock switch, cup holder pops open, oil smell from vents and a burning electric smell (cant find still) Engine had a jingle noise. Now this is were it gets good. The 5 star mechanics put the belt on wrong for the idle to be fixed and since it was closed they told us just drive it home and bring it back in the am. Well the screaming the car made when u turned it on was horrible. So it cam back the next day and they fixed it, well so we thought. The next day it started leaking transmission fluid when I call they said no it wasn’t from their opps and it probable wasn’t that car but our older truck, ok that sounded reasonable. But 2 weeks later I lost engine power and the check engine light came on I took it to the shop and oh they found a pressure leak on the other side of the engine and they fixed it next day I pick it up I don’t even get 5 miles and my check engine light is back on. We get to the service shop and they FINALLY did a quality check and found transmission problems. Maybe if they did a test drive before they told us it was ready they would have found this. So since the rental car place was closed they said just drive it home I couldn’t hurt it, just don’t drive on the freeway or over 40 mph! 3 days later the car is back and I had a broken plate in my car and stuff I forgot to remove stolen. But the real topper is that this car cannot be aligned due to it has been in a previous wreck! I have been to 9 body shops and all say yes this car was in a major wreck and when a diff dealership saw it they said this car should have never been sold on a lot. When I called Autowest Mr. Peterson the GM refused to work with me told me to see a lawyer. When I called Autonation to get help they strung me along for a week and then told me to take to Autowest Roseville in he automall to have them look at it to see there findings. Well of course they didn’t find anything, hmm wonder if its because they are not a body shop. You see since they didn’t find any welding on the frame it looked fine to them! At this point Autowest Dodges GM called me @ the other place to go off on me for going around and telling ppl I have a bad car and I informed him @ that point my lawyer felt I had a good case. I mean this car has bondo were it shouldn’t and the doors do not shut right and there are stress factors on the car. Yes I should have looked over the car better but they just over whelmed us when we got it. I only went for a test drive I was due to have a baby in 2 months and they just new how to get us hook line and sinker. They even told me I was a wrong when I said I could use the Lemon Law but here is a small bit of info if you buy a car with Manufacture Warranty still and extended HA u can tell go there and the fact before the 36,000 miles manufacture. Warranty was up I was in the shop 9 times for repairs. I really feel Autonation and Autowest dodge need to be brought to there knees but then maybe I will get there attention when I paint the car yellow with lil green front end and rear with there dealership painted on the sides? Honestly I would love to see them in court with everyone they ripped off because then maybe they would get a clue that they suck!Maybe the ppl they ripped off should join together and prove a point. Thank-you, Kristina Kristina Citrus Heights, California Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on AutoNation

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