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Published: 31 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I orders a V-belt for my car from this place, it was my 1st time using this site. I paid for 2 day shipping placing the order on Thursday shortly after midnight. After I orderd the item I chcked on the order status to see if it was prossesed, the whole time it jut said ‘ISSUE’ under status with no explenation as to what the issue was. 2 days after I placed the order I tried to call their customer service lie, just to be put on hold for almost an hour, after which I gave up. The part still had not been sent, and since I needed the part soon I wanted to cancel the order thinking it wouldn’t be an issue since the part still hadn’t been sent out. After looking around their site I found that there was no way for me to cancel the order electronicly. Come Monday the part had not arrived as it should and I was unable to track the order. Under status all it said was still ‘ISSUE’. So I went out and bought the part from a local car part store since the friend who I arranged with to fix my car came by as agreed on his last day off and I needed my car in working condition ASAP. On Tuesday the part showed up, I refused to take it. After the part showed up I got an e-ail from AUTOPARTSNETWORK.COM with the tracking number and an e-mail attached stating that a lot of customers has an isse with tracking their order. I e-mailed the company stating what had happened as well as the fact that I paid for 2 day shipping and the part got there a day late so I would be expecting my shipping cost refunded as well because of it. They explained to me that the refund will take up to 30 days, but never once mentioned the shipping cost. A few days before the 30 day deadline I checked my account and sure enough the money was refunded but wihout the shipping cost. Shocked I e-mailed the company again demanding to know why the shipping cost was not included in the refund. They replied stating that the shipping cost is not refundible. When I argues that I paid for 2 day shipping and not 3, but the part arrived late, it is unfair for them to charge me the full shipping cost. Thie is part of the e-mail they sent me …Two Day Delivery only counts business days (M-F) and starts on the next business day if your order is placed before 2pm. Therefore, two day delivery wouldnt have started until Friday (not Thursday), and you would normally get your package on Monday… So according to what THEY wrote me the part should hae arrived on monday, as I expected it to, but it didn’t. So I paid for 2 day shipping but didn’t get it. Then they went on to blame the shipping company they used to wich I replyed; If it’s the shipping companys fault then you should take it up with them, refund my shipping charges, and let the shipping company eat the cost for not delivering on time. Since then I have goten no e-mail or any other kind of reply back.

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