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Avalon Marketing - California

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Published: 27 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My online IRA account has lost somewhere between $20,000 and $25,000 in value since investing through the stock market in a thoroughbred horeseracing company, Buscar Company, (CGLD) out of Kentucky and California, from the recommendation of an elaborate telemarketing scam-fraud scheme. This investment was recommended to me by Mike Stark, with Anaheim, California marketing firm, Avalon Marketing. This scheme was perpetuated by Mike and Steve at Avalon and following them, Jordan Thomas and Calvin Everett at LTD Capital in Chicago, IL. I feel I’ve been scammed. Here’s my story and why I feel that way. In September 2016, I received a telemarketing call from Mike Stark with Avalon Marketing. He did a sales job on me recommending this thoroughbred horseracing company, Buscar Company (Stock symbol CGLD) as a great investment. It was around $3.20 per share at the time. Mike told me that their firm had contracted with Buscar to help increase the value of their stock to $5, $10 even $20 per share. I never thought it would rise to $20 per share, but I thought $5 per share might be a possibility. So I bought into it with a few thousand shares at first. On Sep. 26, 2016, my account was up $2,500. I made a huge mistake by not selling those shares off at the time. Some Chinese investor sold his at $3.70 per share and made $400,000! It’s been all downhill ever since. On November 4, 2016, the company won a horse race, but their stock did not rise. This was of great concern to me. I spoke with Mike and Steve at Avalon Marketing to try and figure out what was going on. All I got was false reassurance that they were doing their job in getting the stock’s value up. By December, I wanted out, because I felt with Mr. Trump getting into the office of Presdient that stocks were going to explode. Sure enough, they have. But, Buscar has not. Why not? I have continaully e-mailed their CEO, Anastasia, to try and find out what is going on with the company! Their stock contined to tank into January 2017, and the entire year of 2017, until today, Tuesday, January 26, 2018, it is at 4 cents per share! Unbelievalbe, right?! I have hung in there hoping for a rise to get at least some of my money back. This company is failing me and no telling how many other shareholders! At one point, I began selling off shares through Limit Orders on my own. This one day in December 2019 I should have continued with that even though I would have lost around $8,000. Instead, I switched course and kept buying more shares due to – once again – the false encouragement of a new scammer, Jordan Thomas, with LTD Capital out of Chicago, IL. In January 2017, I learned that Mike Stark was no longer with Avalon – gee I wonder why – and that Buscar had now contracted with LTD Capital, with Jordan Thomas as their rep, to supposedly do the same thing – increase the value of their stock. I spoke to Jordan at least 3 times. He was also a slick-talking salesperson who assured me Buscar’s stock value was going to rise as they had supposedly planned a You Tube outreach to find and draw in more investors. This never happened. In February, I learned by phone that Jordan Thomas was no longer at LTD Capital from Calvin Everett who told me Buscar’s lawyers could not figure out how to get more free shares. Calvin also perpetuated this fraud telling me the stock value was slated to go to $5 a share. Since I owned 9,000 shares, I was hopeful to make some good money. That has not happened, the stock contined to plummet until today CGLD is at a measley 4 cents per share! Unreal. My account has lost from around $20,000 to $360 current value. Unbelievable. Theft. I have been stolen from – and no telling how many others have as well – in an elaborate telemarketing scheme for a worthless, no-good thoroughbred horseracing Buscar Company out of Kentucky with opeartions also in California, that even recently gave birth to a new colt AND another horse won a race! I was initially told by Mike Stark of Avalon Mktg that these 2 events would play a part in increasing the value of that company’s stock to shareholders. Liars! I would like to reiterate that I have sent many e-mails to the supposed CEO of this company Anastasia. She initially responded, but has not since. She claimed there was nothing she could do about the financial aspects of what was going on and that she only dealt with other company operations. If anybody is out there that could help me recoup at least some of my money, I would be eternally grateful for that. I plan on never doing business with someone who calls over the phone in such capacity as this again. I have turned down several phone calls wanting me to invest in various endeavors tellling some of them my story of losing substantial money by trusting someone who could not be trusted. Sad.

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