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Avi Suissa

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Published: 17 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Beware Avi Suissa u2018 the scam contractor After being scammed by Avi Suissa myself, I have collected some information and am posting it here in order to possibly help anyone who is in danger of going through what I did. Avi wasnu2019t even registered with CSLB when he signed my contract, this came later (my foolishness probably financed it). He subsequently cashed the checks received to his own name instead of company name, which is against CSLB rules. BUYERS BEWARE! Seles registration u2018 103104 SP Here are some more reviews about Avi Suissa posted on the web: Avi Suissa is a liar It turns out that Avi Suissa didnu2019t pull no permits and did not follow any city code when doing construction to my house or when having my electrical panel upgrade and the room addition was not permitted by the city. [continued below]…. ….. This ended up costing us thousands and thousands of dollars to hire a new contractor that is licensed and Insured that had to pull the permits needed for the construction of the house. I have filed legal action against him. Beware when hiring people like Avi. Please do a background check and get references and make sure theyu2019re licensed and registered with the CSLB. Merle Oakland CA Beware of contractors Like Avi Suissa I regret deeply for not doing my homework when hiring a Contractor. I heard of many stories before of people getting scammed by contractors but I did not think Avi Suissa was like the ones I had heard about. He seemed like a nice man and very kind in the beginning and promised me and my wife that he will finish the project in five months, But It took ten months. He promised A lot and deliver almost nothing. Beware when hiring people like Avi Suissa. John / Dublin CA Warning! Please do not hire this contractor Avi Suissa He is a liar and manipulator. Itu2019s been nothing but a nightmare working Avi Suissa. My house is a total mess. I paid 42 thousand for my kitchen to be remodeled and He promised that are kitchen would take 2 months to finish max. And itu2019s 7 months And itu2019s still not done. Avi hired Workers from Home Depot that none of them was licensed or insured with the CSLB.. I did not Even think they know what they where doing half the time. Iu2019ve called AVI numerous times, it just goes straight to voicemail and dose not return. The kitchen floor is buckling and their are air pockets when in some places and the plumbing under the kitchen sink is leaking that I have a bucket underneath collecting water. The cabinets are not even and have damage from the installation granite countertop are chipped on both corners from the workers. I only sent me one Tex message that he will send someone out to repair my floors and never heard back and no one came over to do the repair. Robert San Leandro

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