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Published: 26 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On February 4, 2015 my friend Bill Cole helped to bail me out of jail with a $2,500 bond. Bill was going to put his car up for collateral but Nan Hummel, owner of Bailzona, allowed me to put up two of my vehicles instead. I used my 1999 Chevy Lumina and my 1999 Dodge Caravan. I believe I signed the paperwork on the 7th of February 2015. | In April of 2015 my boyfriend, Frank Morales, got arrested and had a bond of $7,200. I called Nan and she said she would get him out except I could not be the main signer on the paperwork so a friend of Frank’s, Denise Antone, signed for the bond. Nan took my 1998 Dodge Ram, Denise’s Infinity (not sure of the year), and approximately $950 that Frank’s friends came up with. | Before we went to the office Nan told us she would need the keys to the vehicles, a picture of them and the titles. We got to Nan’s office, signed the paperwork, and in doing so Nan noticed that on top of the title to the Dodge Ram it said “NONTRANSFERABLE”. I explained to her that I had a lien on all my vehicles for child support but I had called the office to see how I can have it lifted and the man told me that there are no more liens for child support as of March 2014. As we were getting ready to leave the office one of Denise’s kids went to give Nan the keys she had requested and Nan handed them back, didn’t even ask about the pictures or locations of the vehicles. | I took Frank down the following Monday to sign the papers. Frank went to his first court hearing on May the 14th and got a 30 day continuance and his next court date was set for the 11th of June. This court hearing Frank did not show and an arrest warrant was placed. I notified Nan immediately and I did everything possible to help get Frank back into custody, even made flyers and placed them in areas Frank was known to hang around. | By June 25th Nan was getting upset that Frank has not been captured so she came by my place and wanted to know where the vehicles were. It was night time and I had a little problem locating the truck but as soon as I did Nan demanded the address to where the van was so I gave her my daughter Krysta’s address and phone number. Nan called my daughter to confirm the information. That night Nan took my car to impound. | The next day Adam, Nan’s bounty hunter, called and asked if I was willing to go out and try to find Frank. I told him I would. When Adam showed up he informed me that Nan was with him and was planning on taking me back to jail. So instead of allowing me to put my things back in my apartment he handcuffed me and put me in the truck. I had my purse and laptop bag that had my court papers and bond papers in them for both me and Frank. | On the way to jail I was able to get my kids on the phone to let them know what Nan was doing. They overheard Nan demanding that I pay her $1,300 or she would press charges on me for fraud because the collateral had a lien on them and that I was trying to defraud the insurance company. I’m still not sure what she is talking about. I told Nan I didn’t have that kind of money and she asked me how much do I have. I told her maybe $300 and we would have to stop at an ATM to get it. Nan stopped somewhere in Mesa at an ATM, Adam helped me out of the truck and with handcuffs on he escorted me to the ATM to withdraw the money for Nan, I was humiliated. Before I gave Nan the money I asked once again if it meant that she was not going to file any fraud charges against me and Nan said no she would file fraud charges. | While I went to the ATM Nan talked to my kids on the phone. Nan told my kids that they would need $7,200 in collateral and $1,000 in cash for her to get me out of jail, unless they were to find Frank then they would only need $1,000 cash. Nan failed to tell my kids that my bond was only $2,500. A short while later we get pulled over by the police and when Nan was getting out of the truck she recognized one of the officers and made small talk with him. I thought this is great one big happy family and then me. An officer came up to the truck and asked if I had been threatened, since they knew each other I did not figure I had much of a change reporting her threats. | My daughter, Krysta had called back and wanted to talk to Nan. Krysta asked Nan that since she was taking me back to jail it meant she would have to release my car and other belongings she had for my bond. Nan told Krysta that she was going to part my car out and keep my things and that I would be lucky if she didn’t file fraud charges on me. | We arrived at the jail and Adam once again helped me out of the truck and they left my purse and laptop bag with my phone in it. I asked her about it and she said No I’m taking it with me. I sat in jail for fourteen days with no outside contact because Nan did not leave my phone with my property. My daughter, Sylvia, looked me up on the internet and found out that my bail was only $2,500 and my kids had me out that day. | The day after I got out of jail Nan’s new bounty hunter, Darryl, calls me to tell me he had my phone and wanted to get it back to me. I asked Darryl if he had my other things and he said he didn’t. I asked him why he had my phone and not the rest of my things. (I have recording of this conversation) Darryl tells me Nan gave him the phone to see if he could use it to get to Frank. (I don’t recall giving them permission to use my phone and they did not pay my pnone bill so I feel this was so wrong on their part was was Nan taking my car and not returning it!) | Nan was texting me, threatening me that the bounty hunting charges are at $200 per hour and that if Frank wasn’t in custody soon I would have to go before the judge and explain why not and explain about defrauding the insurance company regarding my bogus collateral (still have text messages). I had sent a text to Frank’s mom telling her that I was no longer helping the bonds people and if anything I would hide Frank because of the way they did me. I still wanted Frank in custody so this was a way to get him to contact me. I asked Darryl if Nan was going to reimburse me cab fare and motel room expenses, he said she would as long as it wasn’t extravagant. | I got a room at the Lamplighter on 19th Ave and Van Buren, far from extravagant. I told Frank about the room and he wasn’t sure about meeting me there. After talking to him longer he felt more comfortable and agreed to meet me. When we met I talked to him about turning himself in, wanting to see if he would do it on his own. I soon realized that chances of him doing so was none. I arranged for Darryl to be alert to me calling him later to give him an address to pick Frank up. | Darryl assured me that Nan would give me my car, my purse, laptop bag and all the things that were in it to me after Frank was in custody. Early morning on the 26th of July I had called Darryl with the information and asked that it be done calmly and smoothly. Back in the motel while waiting I had fallen asleep. Frank wakes me up telling me there was someone at the door. I asked him who it was and he said he did not know. Then he tells me to open the door. I open the door to three shot guns pointed at me and I tell Frank it’s for him. They take him into custody and Darryl tells me he will make arrangement for my things to be given back. | Later that day I text Darryl to ask when I would be getting my things back and Darryl text me to be nice to Nan so I could get my things back and I hadn’t heard anymore from him. Nan is now trying to charge me over $500 for my bond and $49,000 for Frank’s (bounty hunting fees). Nan did not give me anything back. A lady at my new bonds office got on the phone with Nan trying to figure if she could get Nan to give me my stuff, before she did this I asked her if she minded if I recorded the conversation and she said that would be fine. Nan says some pretty awful things along with a whole bunch of lies. She also said that her bounty men claim they left me with $10,000 cash when they took Frank into custody. I don’t know why she is making up this bullshit. Nan now claims that I gave up all three of myh vehicles for Frank’s bon and this is completely fabricated.

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