Balboa Dentistry: Hussein Dhayni, DDS

The offices, toilets and dental area are not clean.

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Published: 25 July 2019

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I came to Balboa Dentistry: Hussein Dhayni, DDS for dental care, and cleaning, the workers were not warm and welcoming to me.

The hygienists are not skilled at what they do, and personnel team is not skilled in their job positions. Dental work has never been worse than it is with Balboa Dentistry: Hussein Dhayni, DDS. Staff members don’t comfort patients at the dentistry. I don’t see a supportive team and calm vibes at the practice.

High-quality service is of no interest to Balboa Dentistry: Hussein Dhayni, DDS.

I had not had the hygienist to keep me calm and to feel comfortable throughout my procedure. It has been an unpleasant experience for me.

Dental care is supposed to leave patients smiling and to return to the practice again for other procedures. At Balboa Dentistry: Hussein Dhayni, DDS, I did not walk out with a smile. I noticed the poor quality of dentistry at the practice and see that it needs an upgrade.

No professionalism in this practice.

The Orthodontics views on details of dentistry are not informed to patients. No details are made known to patients. He is not a good dentist and did not explain to me the detail of my procedure.

At Balboa Dentistry: Hussein Dhayni, DDS there are no friendly faces. They lack information and are not to the point.

I waited for twenty minutes before seeing the dentist. The dental office is not clean. I do not recommend Balboa Dentistry: Hussein Dhayni, DDS for the dirty offices and other lack of other clean facilities.

The dentist is not warm and friendly. The low-quality services spoil communication with other practice like this one has. I hate them mostly because of the lack of care to patients.

Comfort, care, an interest to people, cleanliness, quality, patience, informative, friendliness, pleasantness and trust in your dentist are the most important to a patient. Customer services don’t pop up as a priority at Balboa Dentistry: Hussein Dhayni, DDS.

Questions are not answered by the dentist to the patients making dentistry less informative.

Happy is not what I encountered at the dental rooms. Staff members are rude and don’t help with dental care.

Impolite staff and don’t give the best value in customer’s services at Balboa Dentistry: Hussein Dhayni, DDS.

Overall, my experience at Balboa Dentistry: Hussein Dhayni, DDS. Has not been a good one. Patient care is not an interest in dental practice.

I don’t recommend a poorly managed dental care to anyone in search of these treatments. It is of no importance to people of how dental patients feel during their procedures. I did not feel happy or pleasant at Balboa Dentistry: Hussein Dhayni, DDS.

The experience at Balboa Dentistry: Hussein Dhayni, DDS has not been a pleasure and painless for what I had to go through here. Disrespectful shows me their lack of customer’s services. There was no pleasant and knowledgeable staff to help with my procedures. My entire experience was horrible. I don’t think you should waste your time here.

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