BAP Import Parts Phoenix

BAP Import Parts Phoenix

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Published: 04 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am lodging this complaint on this website against BAP of 5030 n. 27th. st. Phoenix, Az. Although this happened years ago this website was unavailble at that time to make a complaint and I had no computer at that time. This is my official complaint for that incident. I will NEVER forget what these people put me through. I had an engine that seized in a Honda prelude due to a gasket leak. The engine cylinders took in coolant as was apparent by the steam in the tailpipe and the fact that it seized up. I went to BAP to purchase a factory replacement motor for the car. The counterman had looked up the motor replacement in a catalog. The cost of that engine was approximately $2200.00. It had to be shipped from California to Arizona. I prepaid for that motor. When the motor arrived at the store I looked at it and immediately noticed it was the wrong motor. The motor was shipped back and another motor had been ordered by the counterman. A simple mistake, no big deal. I was not mad. We had made a cash transaction and figured the cost of the second motor. It was a different price. I once again pre paid for the second motor. When the second motor arrived in Phoenix from California it was also the wrong motor. By this time 6 weeks had passed from the initial visit. The counterman finally said there were no motors for that Honda prelude available in California and that he could have his machine shop rebuild the one I had within 3 days at a lower cost. $1280.00. I agreed as I was in a hurry and needed the car. At that point I agreed to go back to my residence, rent an engine hoist and remove the engine and bring it in to be rebuilt as I was running out of time and had rented a truck in the meantime. Within three days the counterman called me and said my engine had been rebuilt and was ready to be picked up. Great. When I arrived the engine was in the back of the store on a crate in a heavy duty plastic bag with a tag on it. It looked new. I took it home, put it on an engine stand and had decided to set the distributor timing. When I put a wrench on the crankshaft pulley I could not turn the engine at all even with full body weight,(180lbs). I knew something was wrong. I pulled the spark plugs and then put full body weight on the wrench and still couldnt turn the crankshaft. I decided to go ahead and pull the head off. When I pulled the head it was obvious. Two cylinders were full of coolant from the day it had seized up in the car. The gasket was deteriorated and the head valves were pitted and built up with carbon. NOTHING HAD BEEN REBUILT. YOU DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. What BAP did was simply pressure wash the engine and spray it with black spray paint and sell it back to me for $1280.00. The counterman obviously did this to make up for his mistake in ordering the wrong engine from California TWICE. Instead of BAP footing the cost of the shipping back and fourth 4 TIMES for those motors, AS IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE, they made up for that loss by charging me for a spray painted motor. I trusted them to rebuild That motor and they never so much as did anything but pressure wash it and spray paint it black to make it look as if it had been rebuilt. Now how god d**n dumb do you people think I am and why in the hell did you put me through 7 weeks of aggrivation only to do nothing but hand me back the same motor, in the same condition for $1280.00. Thats bullshit. That is blantent theft and fraud. I was soo pissed I wanted to come down there and choke that god d**n idiot. Now when I pulled the head off that motor to discover coolant fluid still in the cylinders and the head and valves in the same condition I was so pissed that I threw the torque wrench and put a hole in the block wall of my garage. I dont remember that countermans name. He was as tall as myself, 6’4″, bald with some hair on the sides. He handled all the transactions from start to finish. That was hard earned money for me being in college at the time, the cost of a rental truck for several weeks longer than I needed because you couldnt get your s**t together. Ultimately I had no choice but scrap the vehicle and motor and buy a new car. I WILL NEVER AGAIN BUY ANYTHING FROM YOU OR LET ANYONE ELSE BUY ANYTHING FROM YOU FOR PULLING THAT STUNT. Thanks to this website I can now voice this to the public so they are aware of what you did. Almost $2000.00 down the drain,(STOLEN) and 7 weeks of aggrivation in dealing with you people and your mistakes. David Lakewood, WashingtonU.S.A.

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