Barry Henderson Race Cars

Barry Henderson Race Cars

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Published: 22 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Barry ripped this guy off for big bucks once and the guy broke into Barrys shop and cleaned out the shop…..wall to wall. Even stole the alarm system off the wall!Don’t pay Barry in advance for ANYTHING!Then Barry whined about it like a baby. He was accustomed to shafting everybody that came into the shop. He shafted the Snap On guy, half his customers, Perfection Ring and Pinion and a bunch of guys that he included in a bankruptcy filing.Barry messed with the wrong guy this time! This guy just flat broke into the shop and said; “f*** it, nobody is going to rip me off”! He then just loaded up the entire shop, office and all the contents…even the toilet paper in the bath room! The guy had BIG BALLS. He actually broke into Barrys shop at night with a guy that owned a Dodge dealership a half mile away and they loaded up the whole shop…lolThey put it all over at the Dodge dealership and in the morning carted it all off.Some guy from Melsur bet the guy he could not recover his losses from Barry and the guy took his bet for $1000! The next night the guy cleaned out the shop and went to Melsurs hotel room and showed him pictures of the haul….melsur paid the guy the $1000!Then “One Trick Pony” came over to the house of Dodge and feasted on Snap On tools and others spoils of the heist! He traded a 55gal of VP-Red racing fuel for a s**t load of goods!You would think Barry would have learned? Guess not…hes up to ripping people off again.Barry long moved his shop 2-3 times……a recent visit to the current shop shows hes using a fake alarm system and the place is wide open for someone to recover their losses.This is the story as it was told to me.

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