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Published: 06 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Good people from Tennessee, watch out for this slick talking big mouth from up north who works for Bathfitter down here in Tennessee stealing money from what he calls” slow people in the south.” Yea the fast talker from Bath Fitter.. These people aint selling Bath Rooms, they are selling monthly payment notes. Oh yea, they throw in some cheap plastic junk but the main thing is they financing, and showing you pretty pictures of bathrooms. I did my research and found out just what a piece of junk this so called one day bathroom really is but it was after all the problems. My bad bigtime… They love to tell you that the fawcets come from Jackson Tn, cause they say they love keeping the money in good ole Tennessee..BS. They love keeping your money in they pocket. I have two friends and three family members who have had this cheap mess put in they houses right after I did. Problem after problem.. my brother-in-law ripped his out, after the walls came down two times, and had a real bathroom put in. I asked the young men who came to my house to put in the plastic, if they was plumbers and they said “they didnt have to be.” Me and my wife likes to go to different home shows and thangs and we see they display everywhere but never do we see anybody from they company at the displays at the home shows. Now I know why.They dont wanna look anyone in the eye who have had this mess, Its all cheap, falls apart and forget getting anybody from Bath fitter to call you back or when they finally come out its always a different person except that slick talking salesman they keep in that $50,000.00 pickup truck he drives. Me and my family are hard working folks, we aint rich at all, but the lies that salesman told us, the cheap mess they put in my house and when we was thinking about selling our house and moving back to Brownsville, the real estate lady told us we probably should have our bath redone. Mold everywhere behind the wall, caulking has always been a mess, I could go on but I just want my friends up here in Jackson and everywhere to watch out!!! That salesman will be selling you a monthly note he thinks you can pay. $8000.00 for plastic??? Thats okay…I am a believer and the owner of bath fitter, and that slick sales rep will pay someday. They say that they know the lord, but they love money more…Then I saw a TV commercial with one of those fake wrestlers from Memphis in the commercial and me and my wife cracked up and both said at the same time….fake wrestling, fake bath room…I dont wont my money back, I figured I learned a good lesson and pretty much got what I deserved..Beware of Bathfitter and that super slick sales rep. with a pocket full of credit applications…we paid cash for ours, but he sure was trying to get us to use they financing…I have a feeling he was making money off that too… .

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