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Bay Street Animal Hospital

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Published: 10 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Brought my dog in for vomiting X Rays were taken and an ultra sound was ordered that evening to be followed by a barium swallow the veterinarion suspected my dog had consumed a foreign object that was causing an obstruction in the dogs GI tract he was placed on IV fluids for dehydration, The results of the ultra sound found no foreign object but found the dog had a lot of fluid in his GI tract and stomach no barium swallow was done that evening as said would be, later that same evening my dog had released a lot of bloody diahhrea in his cage so much so that the doctor on staff that night told me she had never seen anything like that and she attributed that to a bout of HGE, the next day a second ultra sound was repeated showing the same results as the previous days only after the second ultra sound was a barium swallow done that according to the doctor showed the dog had an obstruction and needed to undergo exploratory surgery. I was told by the doctor he would consult with two other doctors about performing surgery and get back to me if they were going to operate on him, later that afternoon I was awaiting a call back from the doctor to hear what was decided about surgery instead got a call telling me that my dog was on the table ready to be closed up and what it was exactly that was discovered during the surgery, no foreign obstruction but rather a condition called pyloric stenosis and a pyloroplasty was performed. We were told the surgery went well and a full recovery was expected, the next day my wife went to visit with the dog and he looked great, the following day she went to visit him and he looked terrible and was vomiting blood and passing black tarry stool and very lathargic, the doctor in the office that day told us it was nothing more than just a bad case of gastritis and medication was given to calm the stomach and also his pain patch was removed as it could have been a cause of his vomiting although the vomit was blood…The next morning I called the hospital and was told by a technician that my dog did not vomit during the night but was still just laying there very quiet and lathargic we figured ok no vomiting let’s just let him rest today and not go see him and get him excited fast forward to monday we call in the morning to get a status update on him and the tech tells us he was vomiting blood during the night and early this morning, ou doctor came in for noon time and called us to tell us he did not like the way the dog looked and it was time to get him to a better hospital in Red Bank New Jersey when we picked him up the tech told us he had been vomiting blood all morning and he was handed to me he was vomiting blood on the hour long car ride to the other hospital he vomited blood three times, when we got to the other hospital he was in critical condition having lost a lot of blood he was animec needed a blood transfusion and an ultra sound performed showed severe pancreatitis, the dog was skin and bones and had to have numerous bolus treatments to stabilize him by the third day in this new hospital a feeding tube was placed through his nose and an attemp to feed him this way resulted in him vomiting the food being passed into the stomach. Finally a decision was made to place a J Tube by passing the stomach as the dog needed to get food in his body or he would not make another day we were told he had a 50/50 chance of surviving the surgery in his critical condition but it was his only hope so we had the surgery and was told by the surgeon that the J Tube was put in and that he also corrected the surgery performed at Bay Street Animal Hospital because nothing was passing through the stomach and that so far so good….Well two hours later the hospital called us to tell us our dogs heart had stopped and did we want them to attempt to revive him and they did but I was also told it would be best if I came down to talk to the doctor. Upon arrival I was informed by the doctor that my dog was in dyer straights and would most likely go into cardiac arrest once again and it was only medication keeping his heart beating and when attempts to take him off the meds were done his blood pressure dropped very low… i could no longer bare to see my baby boy in this condition fighting and suffering so I made the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life and ended his suffering….The Doctors at bay Street Animal operated on my dog while he had a bleed in his GI tract and performed surgery on a dog that had a mild form of pancreatitis as his snap test number was 293 prior to surgery a number his doctor said was really nothing at all….Well according to the doctors at Red Bank my dog was suffering from a very severe case of pancreatitis thus believing this is what took his life in the end not to mention my 5500 dollars….

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