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Published: 01 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have a 1967 Cadillac and called BC Fab number of times asking what is the best air ride system for my car. I eventually purchased the kit and had it sent to the shop that installed the kit. Initially the shop called me and asked where the remaining parts were of the kit, they did not ship as promised and were delayed approximately 2 weeks. The install shop indicated to me that over the course of the install they repeatedly called BC Fab (5 times) for instructions and questions that were not supplied and on issues they said they didn’t feel were correct. They were specifically told to install the rear system a certain way and was provided a template on where to drill the holes. They completed the installation. | I picked the vehicle up and right away it was apparent that the ride was overly stiff and it would bottom out when going over a large bump. I tried numerous air pressure levels that did not affect the performance of the suspension. One day I was driving the car and the right rear air bag popped. It was determined that it rubbed on the gas tank pinch seam. I had it towed to the installation shop and they replaced the bag and tried to maximize the space between the tank the bag. I drove it short distances for the next month on an occasional basis. | In early October I attempted to drive it 450 miles to an event in Biloxi, MS area. We were just south of Jackson, MS and went through a construction area and the air bagged popped again. We were helped out by a locale shop to configure it so that I was able to drive it the remainder of the way in order to meet friends coming from Florida. The next morning I called a number of places and was referred to a fabrication shop that specialized in air ride systems and have been installing them for 25 years. I was able to drive the car to them and they looked at it and determined it was the wrong setup for the vehicle and without modification or removal it would never work correctly on my car. | To be clear this was specifically the rear link system. This shop took a closer look and said they could repair the vehicle, it would take 2 weeks to design and repair the fix. They called and said I could pick up the vehicle. I had rented a vehicle to get home and then traveled back to pick it up. I arrived and paid for the vehicle and started back home. I drove it 450 miles at highway speeds with 0 problems and ride was 100% better. Now, it was riding like it should. I waited to contact BC Fab until the car was correct. In the end the fix was redesigning the rear system brackets so that the airbags were position in a 90 degree position versus a 45 degree position dictated by original kit configuration. This allowed a more efficient operation of the air bags where more travel was achieved. | The original configuration required the bags to be maxed out with pressure which made it ride rough and reduced clearance. BC Fab was contacted with a complete description of the problems, they immediately referred this issue to the manufacturer Choppin-Block. The owner of Choppin-Block was at SEMA and responded after the convention.. Having no knowledge he consulted with BC Fab and I believe BC Fab told him I chose the wrong kit for my car. Ultimately, this issue IMO turned out to be a problem compounded by bad sales advice and then unqualified installation directions and lack of documentation. | When I called to purchase the kit I chose to go with the link system to ensure I had the best handling suspension. At no time did BC Fab ask what size of tires and rims. BTW I had and still have 17″ rims. It turns out that this kit is designed for 22″ and bigger rims. It also requires modification to the drive line tunnel. ABSOLUTELY WAS THERE NO MENTION OF THIS WAS MADE TO ME OR THE INSTALLATION SHOP.. The installation shop questioned the configuration and they were told that it was correct according to the description. In the end I spent more than double of the cost of the kit on having it installed and corrected. BC Fab blames me for choosing this kit. They also blame the installation shop for improper installation. | I have a problem with this response because the decision to purchase was on their recommendation and the installation was done to their specifications and directions. I will never recommend BC Fab and have problem with Choppin-Block on selling something that is incorrect for the application. Poor customer service cost me thousands of dollars and then unqualified technical service from BC Fab. That is not even considering that this could have resulted in an accident. Solution: Without any documentation or installation instructions there is no way to know if the kit is installed correctly. Choppin-Block owner even admitted in an email that they had no installation instructions for this kit. It is advertised as a bolt on kit. That is incorrect because you have to notch the frame. | When a customer calls 5 times with problems did it not occur to the technical sales rep that maybe he should have requested photos of the installation to see the problem rather than assuming and giving out bad information? I asked for reimbursement on expenses and costs to correct the installation. BC Fab failed to admit any fault and this wouldn’t agree to this. If you are wanting a kit and are not WELL versed on suspension geometry and rely on the manufacturer and reseller for help then run don’t walk away from BC Fab. They claim they have installed these kits with no problems and that may be true but they don’t have a clue on how to properly sell and provide technical service. The certainly don’t stand up and admit a mistake and want to make it right. They will manufacture information and lie as to what happened to point fingers and place the blame on others. | Brent Ulrich and “Jay” at BC Fab should not be trusted to provide the right purchasing information and technical service.

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