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Published: 17 May 2018

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Stay Away From Be Live Marien Resort in Puerto Plata Have you ever travelled to a tourist destination wishing and expecting to enjoy your time after working your butt off? Better yet, have you ever worked your butt off for a few years and paid your hard-earned dollars to go on vacation and the hotel does not deliver what the Travel Agency promised before you packed your suitcase? This is exactly what happened to me! People should be able to suit these hotels and/or travel agencies for ripping people off. Be Live Collection Marien is not even a 2-Star Hotel In late 2014, I visited Be Live, a resort in Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic), with my teenage daughter. When arrived, I was shocked to find insects and bugs all over the wall in the room. Not only that! Despite requesting two beds, the room only had one bed. It was a complete nightmare. As soon as I discovered that it was not I’ve paid for, I contacted John in Toronto from whom I’ve purchased the package. I wrote the following letter in December, 2014. It summarizes what happened to me and my daughter, while hoping to enjoy our vacation: “Hi John, I am writing regarding what happened when I went on vacation with my daughter to Be Live, in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. As you know, when I bought the package, they were supposed to give us a room with two beds. Nevertheless, when I arrived at the hotel, there was only one bed. I was also disgusted to see a room so dirty. There were insects crawling everywhere on the wall, mold, and the sink was plugged with hair. I called the Front Desk, where the stuff (a female) said that if I wanted a cleaner and nicer room, I had to pay $45 (US) extra per day. After expressing the room wasn’t fit, she informed me that it was I have purchased. I asked what happened with the two beds that we were supposed to have, as I was there with my teenage daughter and we couldn’t sleep on the same bed. The young lady said that I have not purchased a room with double beds and promised that she was going to look into it. She advised me to check back the next day. The following day, I went to the Front Desk and spoke to Eric, who said they were going to give me two beds, but I had to wait until the next day, but nothing happened. I went back to the Front Desk and spoke to Carlos. He communicated that I have talked to John, in Toronto, regarding the hotel not providing what I had purchased. I said that I’d done that already and John sent an e-mail regarding this issue. Carlos said, “John didn’t send any e-mail to us and is obviously lying to you.” That day or December 15th, I spoke to Jorge, who said he was going to look into it to give me the two beds but again nothing happened. December 16th, I came back and this time I talked to Guest Service. I talked to Andreina. Since I was getting nowhere, I took it up with the Night Manager on Duty. He wrote a note for the hotel manager to look into it. He asked whether I had talked to my representative. I said no. However, the following day, I talked to Nelson, SunWing Vacations’ representative at the hotel. Nelson said that he was not my representative because I came through West Jet, so Junior was my representative. I went looking for Junior, several times, but he was never around. At the end, after failed attempts trying to talk to Junior, I went to Guest Service and they called him for me. Junior got upset that I was trying to talk to him, saying that he was not my representative but Nelson from SunWing Vacations. Junior said, “You didn’t buy a package; you bought something individually from whoever sold it to you in Canada, so he would make more money. Now you have to take whatever the hotel gives you. You got scammed. You have to take it up with him.” I went back to talk to Nelson, who said that I had no representative. I explained that I was tired from so much running around and somebody not telling the truth. Nelson said, “This is not our fault. The problem is that the people who sell you the packages in Canada lie and are dishonest when selling you the packages, this way they make more money.” The hotel didn’t deliver. My daughter and I we couldn’t sleep on the same bed. After staying in a room so disgusting and my daughter not being able to stay in it not even for a day, asking for a full refund for the portion that I paid for my daughter wouldn’t be unreasonable. Attached I am enclosing some photos that I took of the room for you to see. I am hoping this is not the last time that we purchase stay accommodations through your company. You should be able to look into this matter and rectify the situation to our satisfaction.

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