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Bella Investment Group, LLC

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Published: 09 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Wisconsin Department of motor vehicles stole my car by fraudulent activities with there secured dealer web site and kaukauna police dept fauled to close dealership down for stealing customers car and money they failed to protect our rights by notifing people that the dealership was doing criminal actions against there customers by useing DMV secured web site to illigally register customers vehicles without paying customers for there assets. | heres a true life event worth following. | Suamico Investments Group llc dba; Standard Preowned auto sales located in Suamico wisc. called about a car my son had for sale on Craigslist on April 1st 2016. 2004 Mazda Miata mx5 { car was prestine showroom quality). They said they come and get our car to put on there car lot. We said no we didnt want anyione driving our car, so we would deliver the miata to there Kaukauna lot on April 11th 2016. we signed contract with the agreement that our car would be put in the showroom with the understanding that there would be no test drives off thge sales lot. it wasnt to be removed out of the show room without my consent. sales manager wasnt there when we delivered the miata so sales lady had me call John Solgerb general manager suamico lot. he agreed that the car wouldnt be moved without contacting me first. we signed the contract with the understanding that the dealership would be 100% responceable for our miata.its in writing on our contract with there signature agreeing to it. | I called 3 times in april to check up on how they were doing with sale of the car. they had agreed the sale sticker would be no higher then $7900. they had it at $8700 i made them lower the price to $7900. | On may 11th2016 the Suamico dealership called to see if we would take $7150 for the miata, I told them NO. 10 minutes latrer i get a email with a contract for $7150. I called right back and told the NO again. a couple hours later they called back saying a family member wanted to by the carfor $7500 and the dealership would have the money May30 2016. I agreed with the understanding the car wasnt to be removed from the showroom. they said thats fine. | IIcalled bvack on May 28th and the 29th there wasnt anyanswer on all the phone numbers i had for either lot. | on may31 2016 i contacted Kauakauna police department to file a theft complaint. Detective brad sanderfoot went to the dealers lot the cars were gone. he advised me to stop and file a theft complaint. My son went toi file theft report Sanderfoot said he wouldnt do theft , he filed it as a fraud complaint. i told him it wasnt fraud it is GRAND THEFT Auto. not fraud. he advised me to contact my insureance company. they said they wont cover the car because it wasnt in my controll. sanderfoot advised me there was hundereds of vehicles stolen. he told me to contact DMV feild investigator Micheal Urban. which i did. Urban advised me to file dealer complaint. so i did. come to find out the state had these dealerships on a conditional use permit scince 2011. investigator Urban was notified in november 2015 of fraudulant actions going on with these dealerships. there was numerous complaint of peolpe not being payed for there vehicles.he was back in december january 2016 febuary DMV investigator Urban file a state revoketion of dealer liscence which would have a hearing in JULY 2016. ,march. In April 2016 Kaukauna police and Investigator Urban went back to the dealerships to demand they return ALL thr vehicles to the rightfull owners. the dealership went on a selling frenzy registering vehicles without paying anyone for there vehicles. USEING WISC DMV SECURED WEB SITE TO JUMP STOLEN TITLES. (yes you read it right SECURED WEB SITE). | Everyone that there vehicles were stolen was told by investigator Urban to file a claim on the dealers bond $50,000. at last tally they stole over $450,000 worth of vehicles | Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles dission is to let all the ILLEGAL sales go threw because the buyers bought in good faith.. WHAT HORSE s**t. I DELIVERED OUR MIATA IN GOOD FAITH what moron would give there car to a dealer to steal it from them. DMV dission was MADE IN BAD FAITH KNOWING ALL THE MONEY THEY WOULD BE MAKEING FOR THE STATE (new registrations TAXs on each vehicle probally talking millions of dollars. | So motor vehicle STOLE MY TITLE to reregister it in Patrick kreidowskis name. I STILL HOLD MY TITLE FOR A CAR MOTOR VEHICLE NEVER PAID ME FOR. | I found 1 truck that was sold to a company in New Jersey there trying to get the truck back to the owners. . he cant get the title out of the closed dealeship, I contact DMV John Remy Inestigator Urban.they told me theres nothing they can do in this matter because the state made there desition to transfer the titles. the dealer in new jersey was told by DMV just to register it in his name they would issue him a clean title. | The dealerships when they sell a consigned vehicle they have 7 days to pay the customer get a signed title and get it to the state DMV. BOTH DEALERSHIPS NEVER GOT TITLES FROM CUSTOMERS BECAUSE THEY NEVER TOLD THE CUSTOMER THEY SOLD THERE CARS AND POCKETED THERE MONEY. HOW CAN DMV REREGISTER NEW TITLES WITHOUT THE SIGNED ORIGINALS. THE LOT WASNT DOING SAFETY CHECKS ON THE CARS THEY JUST PUT THEM ON THERE LOT FOR SALE All of ther contracts should have been null and void because they werent following DMV laws and proceedures. Investigator Urban new this was going on but failed to do his job to protect the public. | Channel 11 news got in open records request a list of all the dates a complint was made which Investigator Urban had to follow up on. I put in a open records request in with 6 people at DMV feild investigator section and DOT.that i wanted the same records channel 11 news got. They refused my request. | I filed my appeals notice to the state. with a NOTICE OF SIUT AGGAINST STATE OF WISCONSINAND ALL AGENCIES AND I FILED SIUT WITH CITY OF kAUKAUNA AND KAUKAUNA POLICE DEPT for statue 893.70 they failed to protect all of us tax paying cictizens that they defrauded us by not protecting our rights by not notifing us of the on going thefts for months.I told detective sanderfoot that i wanted our car impounded till DMV returned our car. HE REFUSED. i told him i would pay for tow bill and all storeages incured plus any fees. sanderfoot LAUGHED at me as if this was a joke waste of his time. | Both dealerships were closed on May 20 2016. | there is about 50 of us people that are all together wanting to sue the state DMV and investigator Micheal Urban kaukauna police city of kaukauna Detective sanderfoot for not protecting us form these criminals. they all new criminal actions were taking place and failed to do there jobs correct protect and serve. | I filed a small claim suit against john solberg brent strelka bryan crain and all the llc they are hiding under. 16SC1688 in Outagamie county. we have court aug 22nd next monday 230 pm.

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