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Published: 20 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

SECOMD ATTEMPT TO FILE THIS REPORT! BELLEVUE HOSPITAL CRIMINAL ACTS, TORT, MEDICAL MAPLRACTICE, CORRUPTION , UNFAIR PRACTICE, CONSPIRACY WITH GLENCORD BUILDING CORP., MERCK, STATE FARM INSURANCES , LAWYERS WITH FORGERY LAWSUITS IN MY NAME ! ( MY COMPLAINT AT THAT TIME IN ATTACHENT Pg. 1, 2). In May 19, 2012 around 6;30 AM I arrived with a taxi at Emergency Room at Bellevue Hospital, vomiting, with terrible headache, chest pain, almost dying. I never went before at that hospital. The same symptoms as my previous arrivals at Emergency Room poisoned with Carbon Monoxide and toxic gases. The doctors, took blood for tests inclusive for Carbon Monoxide, gave me medicine to stop my vomiting, and to sleep. I did not know about me until around 10 AM, when Dr. Dill waked up me , and told me I must to go home because my blood tests were OK , and I ma OK. I told him , I did not feel well, and he became totally ruder, unprofessional, and told me I must to leave the hospital, and left. I knew immediately something is wrong, and I recorded the conversation with my cell phone when he came back. When he came back, he hostile told me to leave the bed and to go home. I asked him a copy of my blood test and the name of medicine administrate to me. He started to scream at me that I ask too much, and to go home. I insisted to have a copy of my blood tests, and he left. After a few minutes, he came back with the phlebotomist who took my blood in morning around 6:30Am, and the nurse who injected me medicine, and refused to tell me what medicine gave to me. They looked around, and under my bed the phlebotomist gave to Dr. Dill a plastic bag with 3 tubes with my blood NEVER SENT TO THE LAB, and left . After he came back very rude, hostile and unprofessional at my question why the blood was hide under bed for 3 hours, he answered me “ nurse mistakes”. After, abusive discharged me home. I asked the nurse in recovery area who found me with High Blood pressure, and instability, trembling, to give me a copy of the medicine administrated. He wrote with his hand the medicine, and told me to ask the doctor for a copy because he can not give me. I saw hi wrote I received KETOROLAK , and I asked for what , and he told me for pain. Dr. Dill refused to give me the name of medicine administrated, and told me to come next days for medical report. I left the hospital, totally dizzy, with chest pain, hard to stay up. After I looked on the internet about Ketorolak, and I found that medicine was totally not indicated at my heath problems because it is high risk for stroke. After a few days, I discovered that during my sleep at Emergency Room, “good guys” who orchestrate all, stole my USD 300 GB Memory Card and deleted important files. Everything was calculated with criminal intention. I was poisoned. The hospital knew from computer do not send the blood to the lab, to give me medicine to have stroke, to push me abusive and sick from hospital, to help “ good guys” to delete and stole my evidence. I accuse the hospital for: CRIMINAL ACTS, TORT, MEDICAL MAPLRACTICE, CORRUPTION , UNFAIR PRACTICE, CONSPIRACY WITH GLENCORD BUILDING CORP., MERCK, STATE FARM INSURANCES , LAWYERS WITH FORGERY LAWSUITS IN MY NAME and all accomplices for criminal acts ! This “Good guy” exploited my pain and suffering , my good nature, and wants and wants me died to cover their criminal acts to ignore $ Court’s Order to fix the apartment for Carbon Monoxide and toxic Gases, and lawsuits with forgeries in my name. And Attorney Robert Kahn rushed and with Life insurance with forgery for ½ millon. I am terrorized to arrive at hospital. For my protection I decided to hid my identity ( See Exhibit Pg. 3). Why all this in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? What I did wrong? Sincerely, .

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