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I highly don’t recommend them.

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Published: 18 July 2019

Posted by: Lenna

My father’s experience with Berk’s Furniture and Mattress was a bit fine at the start until it came the time for making payments and delivery. He had visited there when he wanted to purchase a recliner and a sofa which he actually bought like two months ago. He asked the price of the two items he bought prior to buying them but they were too expensive for him, more so he never expected such a price. Since he really needed the items he decided to negotiate the price with them and they came to an agreement of a little bit cheaper price than the one they had told him initially. He was forced to accept the price they had agreed for since he was really in need of the items. By the time they had fixed the price he was ready to pay them and his items were about to be delivered, they told him they were about to close so it was impossible for them to sell the items right then unless he comes back the following day. He was really upset since the following day he had a busy schedule ahead of him but had no option other than to postpone everything that he was supposed to have finished that day, he tried to talk to them to at least do him a favor and deliver the two items in his house but they eventually refused and started claiming that their working hours were over. The following day he went there very early in the morning, none of them he found there greeted him, they appeared to be very rude and careless. He approached one of them so that he could make payments and get his items delivered. He actually gave him the money they had agreed the previous day, surprisingly the guy refused and started claiming that they had never agreed to such a low price. He was really disappointed with the occasion, he finally decided to pay the amount since he had no choice otherwise and he didn’t want to waste his time anymore. The delivery men who were given the task attempted to bring the sofa into the room and were having trouble. Eventually, after 20 minutes of trying to shove it through the doorway and which caused significant damage to his hallway, they actually said they don’t think it would fit and asked if he could accept to exchange or return it. The delivery men told him that he will be required to sign only for the recliner and later someone from the store would be reaching out to him. Actually, no one ever did. He had to call them multiple times. 3 days later he was told the return hadn’t been processed. He called back a week and four days later and spoke with the extremely rude, careless and disrespectful store manager, who had totally declined to give his name when he originally requested it, more so he refused to provide him a full refund, claiming the couch had to go on \”clearance\” because it was delivered to him after he made payments despite the fact that it was not.

He had never in his life dealt with such a rude, belligerent, disrespectful group of people and he will certainly never purchase anything from Berk’s Furniture and Mattress. I found out about his experience just recently.

Be warned of them and kindly make the right decision since you know about them.

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