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Published: 09 October 2019

Posted by: zyonoyz

(I wrote the following letter to the Best Buy Corporate Office back in January over a very disturbing and embarrassing situation that happened to my family and I at our local Best Buy store.) My name is LF, I am a highly involved customer at my local Best Buy here in Texas. I am a Rewards Zone Program member who nearly reached Premier Silver in 2010. I have an active HSBC Best Buy Credit Card I used to purchased my Samsung LCD TV and my Sony Playstation 3 with, and planned on purchasing my 3D Samsung LED in the near future with as well. My family and I spent our Black Friday camp out at none other than Best Buy. My store of choice for all of my electronic needs or concerns, as well as my families, for birthdays and holidays has been Best Buy. But today [1/18/11] has led me to have a change of heart caused by the management running my local Best Buy. I had a very unpleasant and disconcerted experience, one that would lead this consumer to never return to Best Buy for my store of choice. So here is my explanation of our terrible experience at Best Buy tonight: My father, my wife and I read of your January 16-22 ad, a ‘buy two (mix and match) video games of $29.99 or more get a third game free’ sale and thought to take advantage of it. We had at the front counter to purchase, two LittleBigPlanet 2 Collectors Editions ($80 MSRP) and Dj Hero 2 ($60 MSRP) as our free game of choice. I noticed Dj Hero 2 had not been noted as free on the register screen and asked the young associate to double check her ad. After contesting my side of the argument for a few minutes the young woman calls for her supervisor, we spent a while sorting out this matter with what I thought to be the worst attitude I had ever seen displayed by an authority figure. He asked if I cared to speak with the manager. I replied yes, hoping this gentlemen would be much more caring and understanding to this situation, but I guess this was too much to ask for in the manners of customer service. This Manager by the name of William, walks to the counter with a very assertive attitude to start off. He claims my ‘argument did not hold any water, ‘ in his terms, before I could fully explain to him that there were no restrictions placed in the ad for any certain games to pick and choose other than an equal or lesser value of $29.99 or more. After this gentleman’s bitter attitude, this conversation was getting way to heated for a public store, I finally surrendered to his side of the argument and went to search for another game that would meet these ‘so called standards.’ My father stays behind close to the manager as my wife and I were on our way to the video game section. I soon see my father walk up to me claiming he was getting kicked out of the Best Buy store, and for what reason? Well he so happened to see Manager William lean over another employees shoulder to explain the situation and heard the Manager refer to me as a ‘Smart ### guy.’ My father, being a parent of course, retaliates by asking him, ‘is this the way you treat your customers, by calling them obscene and harsh names?’ My father continued on by telling Manager William he should not talk of his son in such a manner. Manager William, very arrogantly, replies with ‘maybe if you would have raised your son to not argue with people.’ My Father, having his parenting methods questioned by Manager William, grows frustrated and continues to shout back at him and making him aware he was very wrong for his behavior and poor choice of words. William noticing he’s drawn attention from other customers in the store, repeatedly denies of saying such a thing and grows aggressive with my father and asks him to leave the store immediately and that local police officers are on their way. I grow very frustrated with this Manager at this point and am asking for his full name. He continues to act aggressively in this behavior and refuses to give me his full name and in his words, repeats ‘don’t worry about my name, I’m not going to give it to you.’ He then finally is kicking me out, along with my father, and having me escorted out the door. I then turn to my wife, who has remained entirely silent at this point, to continue purchasing our items and Manager William then denies my wife’s service and claims we all need to get out or he will have the local authorities to arrest us. My wife reasoning with Manager William that she has committed no actions of wrong-doing, and would like to just simply purchase what we drove across town for. William then claims he’s had enough, denies not only my purchase of goods but disrespects my wife and denies her service, seeing that she was only a third-party. William has us dismissed out the door. At this point we are all very infuriated and very appalled that our first-choice store has treated us in such a manner. My reasonable fear, as a paying customer is seeing the attitude, and the disrespect displayed by Manager William and curious to the fact if this is how he teaches his employees to handle such a situation and mistreat their honest customers. I would like some word on this issue and some sort of apology before I ever think about returning to my local Best Buy ever again. Thank you for your time (I received a phone call two weeks later from the Best Buy Corporate office themselves, advising me to never go back to my local Best Buy ever again. I asked them to check their surveillance cameras for visual proof to match my story. They refused and said I would need a Subpoena if I was interested in taking this any step further. The lady was very rude and refused to give me her last name then hung up the phone. This whole situation has felt very unjust and very unprofessionally handled.)

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