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Published: 22 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This report is to lend credence to some reports already posted here on My experience with best choice software: a friend showed me best choice in november 2014. I down loaded the demo from best choice’s website to try to learn more. The demo version didn’t allow me to do much so i went back to ask questions of my friend. I tried using his full version to learn the option program features regarding the “what if” charts but could never make much sense of them. So, since my friend didn’t know i put the program aside considering it another piece of garbage program. Later in 2015 i looked at it again and decided to email my questions to best choice but never received any answers. That was in | December of 2015 and twice more n january 2016. Little did i know that best choice had been sold to a new owner, jerry mcfarland. My friend was not aware of it as he wasn’t really using the software other than to follow the market as he had the data feed. The program that “owners” had bought has since been phased out for an on-line version. Those users who paid $5,000 or $5,500 only have to pay for data at $50 per month to use the on-line version. Users now use a password to log in and can do so from any computer. So in this regard a group of people can use the program by sharing a password very cheaply. The original version only allowed two computers maximum because of how best choice licensed | The software. If i could figure out how to use the software without having to pay for their expensive training, since there is no user manual, i probably would and might try it for a few months to see if i can. I don’t know how many of the features from the original program are in the on-line version as i have only seen a limited webinar presentation january 17th. 2017 the presenter of the webinar said it was being recorded and i could see it again later but that hasn’t happened either. I was the only “student” in that webinar which i really thought was odd. The webinar never got into the “what if” feature so i never got the answers i needed. I don’t know if that section is even available in the on-line version. Since the | Webinar i have attempted to get some answers to some questions but only got nonsense from jerry mcfarland himself. Part of his response is in quotes below: “what questions did you have? I forwarded your last email to gary, are you telling me he is not responding to your concerns? That is a big problem. Have you spoke with fred? He is our support guy and i know he does talk to people all day. If you would send him an email at [email& 160;protected] I know he has been very helpful to several of our customers. As far as the videos i have heard there are five of them and i believe fred has seen them.” “briefly, the difference between trading options and stocks is this, leverage. Lets say you are looking at | Domino’s pizza Dpz)it is currently trading at 167.785 per share. You think it will go up to 180 in the coming month so you buy 1 contract of the march 180 calls for 2.95×100 which is $295.00. Now you control 100 shares of dpz stock for $295.00 instead of buying 100 shares for $78,000.00. All an option is is the right to buy or sell a stock.” i knew that concept but not detailed options of spreads which the webinar stressed. The original program advocated only buying calls & puts and closing the trade when it hit 2 or 3 times the price. That because of the supposed timing of the trades being highly likely to produce positive trades. However from the reports here on i am very skeptical. | ========================================================================= i responded to jerry with the following but never got a response other than a veiled threat quoted below. What ? 167.785 x 100 = 16,778 does it not, so why would i pay $78,000 for 100 shares? No i have not spoken with fred as i have no idea who he is, or if he knows anything about trading. I had questions about the software feature, “what if”, which made no sense to me. I sent emails when my friend showed me the program because he didn’t know how it worked. Maybe i can find a group, sign up as a user and let them all use my account data with my password as that is what gary said people can do. Very minimal cost that way. This is insane ! | ====================================================================== “i would be very careful in your next actions. I have sent you email responses, gary spoke to you over the phone. In portions of your emails you have made it clear you know nothing about trading options because i gave you an example of why you would trade options. I am not going to sit here and listen to you bad mouth me, my employees, my company or our product. Your choice we have several people that are happy with the program and our services. If you are unwilling to listen and learn or maybe it is that you are unable to set up and fund a trading account that you are in control. We have tried to help you on several occasions and you are unwilling to listen. So with that the next move is yours. Choose wisely.” it appears this program only gets worse over time so i wouldn’t advise you to put too much hope into success using it. If the original concepts are included in the on-line version as in the original version it should produce good results but be very skeptical just as with all “black box” trading programs.

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