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Published: 14 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: | Our family used the Best Western direct hotel website to book a four day hotel stay at Best Western Plus Suites Hotel from April 11-14, 2017. This room stay was only booked for our mother’s belongings to be safe while our mother was an in-patient at the most wellknown Los Angeles Trauma Hospital. Our mother only used the room to drop off her luggage and records and was admitted to the hospital until the day she was discharged and left LAX for home on April 14, 2017 so there were no dirty linens, no food service, no add-ons, and no spa services (which were charged on bill but there IS/WAS no SPA at this Best Western Suites Plus Hotel — first instance of fraud on paper). | Early in March, 2017, as a family on our family credit card over the telephone we contacted Best Western Plus Suites Hotel and they told us it was required and we agreed to prepay our sick mother’s (cancer patient’s) entire hotel room fee plus tax on one family credit card for over $606.00. As of second week of March 2017, these charges by Best Western to our family bank showed up immediately on our bank’s online ledger as PAID IN FULL. As stated above, our mother flew in to LAX, took a HOTEL shuttle which made her wait 1 3/4 hours even though they advertise they run every 15 minutes (second instance of fraud). Our mother travelled to Best Western Suites Plus Hotel where she dropped off her luggage and almost immediately she was picked up by the non-emergency ambulance service that took her for admission for inpatient procedures to save/extend her life from late stage cancer. | The next day 4-12, 2017 and thereafter over 2 1/2 days, our mother underwent multiple invasive procedures at the leading L.A. cancer hospital believing this Best Western Plus Suites Hotel was a legitimate safe hotel to do business with and leave her luggage and the prepaid bill on file with Best Western Plus Suites Hotel at Ingleside CA. Under contract and hotel-innkeepers law, our mother prepaid more than what she owed and thus gave consideration that contracted Best Western to not breach or commit fraud on our mother which they did (malfeasant intent to commit second fraud occurred at check-in third instance of fraud). | When thankfully to our family our mother successfully endured major surgery, recovery and survival, we hired a medical assisant team to accompany her back to Best Western and one agent to travel home with her from Los Angeles. At 3 AM on Friday April 14, 2017, our mother returned to said hotel for her belongings and the Front Desk said, wait a minute you owe us a big bill for over $700.00 more than the first prepayment for the stay, This is all on paper at every stage of these tranactions by our family and Best Western so this is going to court but at what cost to our dying mother? Best Western doesn’t care about its customers which is clear given what they did to our mother when she arrived to check out and pick up her luggage. | On or about 3:00 AM PDT on Friday April 14, 2017, Best Western Hotel Plus Suites Hotel told our mother that she wasn’t going to be given any of her personal effects. The front desk man and woman were the same individuals (IRIS AND PRANAY) WHO checked her in so they knew who she was, knew she was in the hospital and effectuated the following fraudulent acts which makes them malfeasant and/or negligent and/or part of an ongoing RICO fraud enterprise or all of the above. | The two front desk servant employees (to the master Best Western Plus Suites Hotel) demanded that our mother with the medical aid who knew nothing about this entire hotel scenario that she MUST give Best Western a second credit card. Our mother is not a trouble maker so she trustingly and under the influence still of anesthetic from surgery 8 hours earlier, she took the desk clerks at their word but called the family and our father immediately. The desk clerks kept insisting to our mother and to the family over the phone that she owed them an entire bill of $800.00 plus dollars for second tax and add-ons (room service and spa services). No one else stayed in the room while mother was in hospital so proof is at hospital where she was staying, being cared for and bed counts by multiple accredited medical professionals. BW demanded a second credit card and scared the just released cancer patient so bad that she gave them her second credit card because she just wanted to go home to her family and recover from latest cancer treatments. Then when husband who is DOD learned 10 minutes later at hospital that family had been charged DOUBLE the $606.00 plus second tax and add-ons for nonexistent services (food, room service, spa services never used and there is no spa at BW Plus Suites at Inglewood)), desk clerk wrote in “Refund” in hand pen. For over 10 days now Best Western Plus Suites Hotel has responded with | we have your charged two credit cards so you must have owed it or why would you have authorized it? Consider if you were just released from hospital and hotel refused to give you back any of your personal belongings after you had fully paid up. This is criminal behavior, no spin makes it otherwise. Immediately, Husband called bank WF Fraud Division and they told family it would take 4-8 weeks just to investigate the claim. Husband and sick wife had to go to LAPD and U.S. Marshall’s to swear out criminal warrants. | Thus our family is warning all consumers and businesses who do meetings or conventions with BEST WESTERN that these are notfriendlybeds notlegalinkkeepers ricowhitecollarcriminals. | We suggest all citizens BOYCOTT BEST WESTERN PLUS SUITES HOTEL FOR GOOD CAUSE SHOWN because like United Airlines, this is more of the same– we are just ATMs and economic sources of profit that is unearned, unjust enrichment, fraud in the making, deceit, omission, RICO white collar embezzlement, forgery, false pretenses, etc.. | What is going on here you all may well ask? Fortunately one family member is an ex-prosecutor and ex-Public Defender no retired so they have researched the situation and conferred with the local authorities and civil case counsel. What Best Western is doing here (systemically because our mother is not alone in this criminal enterprise0 BW ARE AS A POLICY NORM DOUBLE BILLING TRAVELERS, LOCAL CONSUMERS, BUSINESS MEETERS AND LAX TRAVELERS ON LAYOVER BY DOUBLE CHARGING AND ENGAGING IN OTHER WHITE COLLAR RICO CRIME ACTS. This is also predatory criminal and tortious behavior towards persons who suffer from disabilities and ask for ADA accommodations from BW which they deny they have any know-how about and don’t follow any of the ADA and ADA as Amended in 2006 legal standing law maxims. | See the United States Code Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 Title IX Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Statute 18USC Sections 1960-1968. There are criminal and civil sides this white collar enterprise crime scenario. BW Plus Suite’s Hotel’s actions rise here to an arguable growing PONZI scheme (using new incoming money to float outgoing monies owed and collected illegal interest on both with the consumers and/or travellers’ monies paid to BW). | It is indisputed from well verified sources including the LA Times, local Federal and CA law enforcement that Best Western Plus Suites Hotel LAX (Inglewood) has for years as a NORM pre-charged thousands of business travelers, vacationers, meeting attendees, and daily lay-overs at LAX an incoming prepaid hotel fee for the user(s)’ alleged ENTIRE STAY. | On check-out, Best Western Plus Suites Hotel pretends the customer’s initial wholly prepaid bill via first credit card was not charged, and either charge that initial card a second time which became 2 times the charged amount on the customers’ credit card or worse. Best Western then adds second bad act when they ask for an additional card (knowing the full bill was paid in full and balance was zero) and make the second charge there, unless the trusting customer(s) had their bank account up and live to watch the transaction before, during and after BW engaged in it. | BW doesn’t get to do what they want under the Uniform Commercial Code or the Hotel and Innkeeper’s Laws as well as the Banking Laws and the RICO and its companion state statutes on embezzlement, false pretenses, double dipping, deceptive trade practices, or outright common law torts fraud, omission, deception, embezzlement, false pretense, forgery.etc. Always keep ur individual Bank Account ledger open and available to you for reference on check out. In this instance, BW laughed at the ledger and said the family would get the money back if and when BW corporate decided they would do so. No obedience of the law in sight there. Further, in this instance the offending bank WF was also not helpful to the victim who was then out double their balance of hard earned income, what the stay would have cost under any pricing scenario (a $600 stay became over $1300 stay plus add-ons but customer never stayed one day or night in hotel because they were in-patient in hospital; only their luggage was there and luggage doesn’t order room service or use spa services). So when so-called ordinary folks hear any of us make each other aware of these corporate criminal actors and naively suggest that the offended victims call the AG or Gov. of CA, good luck getting a human being because you won’t. CA is under severe budget so not much manpower on phones. More importantly, the GOV or AG isn’t interested enough in little people to help the customer who has been defrauded here. | Has this happened to you or someone you know? At a minimum, HERE IS WHAT ANYONE WHO RUNS INTO THIS PRACTICE AT BW OR ANY OTHER HOTEL, ETC. SERVICE VENDOR MUST DO IN LOS ANGELES. | 1. One has to file a criminal complaint with both LAPD and; | 2. One then travels to the U.S. Marshall’s office and swears under oath to the magistrate (jr judge) at both; | 3. To swear out a criminal warrant for embezzlement the accuser must write out their complaint and swear under oath to a City (LA Magistrate) or Federal Magistrate (U.S. Magistrate at the U.S. Attorney’s office. | This process of one or both of these law enforcement entities deciding whether to prosecute is the Fed or state’s decision and how many others like the victims out money here have complained and whether they have any VOICE or power? I wanted you all because I don’t want you all to fall prey to this vulture-laden system. | In short, the customer is going to suffer economic harm, damages and other torts as well. BW will retaliate as they have not after all this was done in our case still have allowed the double charges to remain on our mother’s and our credit cards to BW’s enrichment and to our family’s losses. Know this, that our mother didn’t stay, didn’t eat, didn’t park and used no faciities at the BWPSuites Hotel. HOWEVER, at 4AM on Friday April 14, 2017, after the family sought an immediate refund from BWPSHotel for the second illicit charge on express check-out, the hotel manager admitting that the initial card already charged and which had PAID FOR THE ENTIRE STAY three weeks before arrival still demanded the second credit card from our family and charged it. Now BW has both of our family’s economic info and two known credit cards which we now have had to report as fraud to our bank WF. | In sum, BW charged our family through a post-surgical patient an entire second bill for NOTHING (no services or products provided or vended or used) and second time for the first charges already paid, charged second set of tax and for some food services and spa services, none of which were used by the customer who was an in-patient at LA Hospital. This is not a remotely lawful or fair process. When our mother and our family immediately as the offended customers discovered these double charge 10 minutes after the second charge was made by BW, the Day and Night Managers placed a handwritten REFUND on the final bill but no REFUND was ever attempted, transferred, inquired about or facilitated by BW or by victims’ families Bank (WF). This is what RICO white collar Enterprise Crime Statute was architected to protect us all against. Organized crime and/or corporate criminals take over or imbed into formerly legitimate businesses (see Gambino crime family, Casinos in NV-NJ-etc., La Cosa Rostra, and modern day gangs including cartels, interlocking directorates, money launderers, smugglers and floaters (embezzlement co-mingling of funds never meant to be put together in proper business and/or government accounting). BOYCOTT BEST WESTERN AND WELL FARGO or don’t say you weren’t WARNED! | We know that clearing this all up will cost our family upwards of over $10,000 minimum says our newly appointed counsel in Los Angeles not counting the harm, stress and fear this caused our mother with cancer. DON”T PATRONIZE BEST WESTERN PLUS SUITES HOTEL INGLESIDE OR ANYWHERE. | Stayed April 2017 |

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